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It can be seen from Wen Zhenheng's long life records that the bonsai in Suzhou in Ming Dynasty has turned to tree bonsai(100mm plastic grow pots). At the same time, it imitates the painting style of famous painters, and pays attention to material selection, processing and basin use(128 cell trays). The whole tree is divided into five layers, a total of ten pieces, all tied into a circular pattern of brown silk, dignified and stable.

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According to the literature and history materials(162 cell plug trays supplier), Suzhou bonsai had a high skill of cutting and tying palm silk and various forms at that time. In the book "flower mirror" written by Chen cuozi in the Qing Dynasty, he once mentioned that the bonsai in Wuxia imitated the painting of mountain trees in niyunlin(50 cell seed trays wholesale). And pay attention to the local characteristics, the traditional artistic style of Su school began to form.

(cheap plastic seed growing tray suppliers philippines)In addition, during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynast(72 cell plant trays bulk)y, Hu Huanzhang, a bonsai expert in Suzhou, once cut off a section of the root of the ancient plum pile, and carved the tree body with a knife to make it dry, and then decorated with moss to make it look ancient(seedling trays). At first, Zhou Shoupeng and Zhu zi'an, experts of bonsai in Suzhou, advocated that bonsai should take nature as beauty, and opposed affectation.

Most of the branches on the tree stump were removed, only two or three branches were left to listen to the development of nature without any restraint(200 cell plant trays bulk). After years of cultivation, the traces of axe and chisel gradually disappeared, which became the top-grade bonsai of ancient and ancient nature(seed planting trays wholesale). Suzhou's classical gardens are known as "the best in the world", and the bonsai art is more closely related, with distinct levels.(cheap plastic seed growing tray suppliers philippines)

White stone pots or purple sand were used to plant juniper, maple, elm, June snow, tiger thorn and other plants(105 cell plant trays bulk), and decorated with various kinds of mountain stones, which refers to the bonsai practice in Suzhou area. Although Suzhou bonsai has a long history, in the old times, after flowering every year(v14 nursery pots), it was mainly enjoyed by a small number of high-ranking officials and rich people, and was limited in content and form.

(cheap plastic seed growing tray suppliers philippines)It takes more than ten years for this form to be processed and shaped, and it loses its nature due to its over fabrication(32 cell plant trays bulk). Suzhou is close to Yixing, a famous place of origin of pots and bowls. The simple and elegant purple pottery pots also greatly enhance the color of Suzhou bonsai(plug plant trays); several of Suzhou's fine carving bonsai have long been well-known, and they are used to display bonsai, showing a more antique flavor.

"Downwind style": the plum pile is planted in the pot(50 cell plant trays bulk), so that the main trunk slightly tilts to one side, and all branches extend to the other side, and should be tied parallel and not disorderly. "Hanging Branch Style": part of the old branches are cut off to make the new branches flourish, and then all the palm silk is tied into a downward overhanging posture(18 cell plug trays supplier). In recent decades, the Soviet school has made new development.(cheap plastic seed growing tray suppliers philippines)

They absorbed the essence of the bonsai art of Suzhou in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and carried out reforms and innovations in the traditional techniques of Su school(128 cell plant trays bulk). Suzhou is adjacent to the Yangtze River in the north and Taihu Lake in the south. There are many scenic spots nearby, transplanted it into the basin(farm tray), such as Huqiu, Lingyan mountain, Tianping mountain, Dongting East Mountain and Dongting west mountain.

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