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Cheap Plastic Seed Starter Tray Factory Serbia

Water spray in spring, summer and autumn, dry and early high temperature season(72 cell plant trays bulk), in addition to normal watering and looking for water, water should be sprayed on the foliage and flower growing site to increase the environmental humidity, prevent scorching of tender leaves and early adjustment of flowers, and keep the branches and leaves of the plant fresh(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Here are a few Intuitive and simple judgment method.

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Especially when planting southern flowers, we should pay attention to the humid environment(105 cell plant trays bulk). In summer, it is sunny or sultry in the evening, and water should be sprayed to cool down; in winter, it is dry indoors, and the soil water in the basin is dispersed slowly. Water should be sprayed on the leaves frequently to keep fresh(large plastic terracotta pots). If the sound is low and dull, it means that there is still more moisture in the potting soil, and no watering is needed.

(cheap plastic seed starter tray factory serbia)In order to prevent waterlogging when using shaft cylinders, porcelain pots, purple sand pots, and plastic potted flowers for crossing water(128 cell plant trays bulk), or to use general flower pots in the north to plant flowers such as southern white orchids, dupin flowers, etc. It can promote the absorption of fertilizer from the fibrous roots(plastic plant trays wholesale). After pouring "return water", the fertilizer in the potted soil is diluted, which is beneficial to the absorption of fibrous roots.

In order to prevent alkali stains, they should be on the bottom of the pot Crushed pot pieces and culture soil coarse slag are used as drainage layer(162 cell plug trays supplier), so that excess water can be discharged at any time. During the high-temperature growing season, large water should be poured every 3 to 4 days(gallon nursery pots). The water is discharged from the bottom hole in a large amount to prevent the accumulation of waterlogging roots and the yellowing of alkali stains.

The west-facing balcony is only exposed to strong sunlight for 4-6 hours in the afternoon(200 cell plant trays bulk), especially during the summer and summer, when the sunlight is more intense and the temperature is very high, which is extremely unfavorable for the growth of potted flowers, but you can plant grapes and purple by setting up a frame Climbing plants such as Xie, honeysuckle, dill, morning glory, etc(square grow pots). are shaded, and potted plants are planted under the shade.(cheap plastic seed starter tray factory serbia)

Some flowers require "see dry and see wet", some flowers require "dry rather than wet", so how do you know that the potted soil has dried and needs watering(32 cell plant trays bulk), how to master the proper watering? Such as Gouhua and Bitao are often cultivated by the "buckle water" method. The potted plants can still be cultivated because they avoid the strong direct sunlight before 14:00 in the afternoon(plug trays). At the same time, you can also tap the pot with a wooden stick or finger.

(cheap plastic seed starter tray factory serbia)If the sound is clear, it means that the potting soil has dried(50 cell plant trays bulk). For pine family potted plants and cactus succulents and succulents, watering should be done according to the principle of "dry rather than wet". When spraying water, spray the leaf surface, and do not make the water point and the dust on the leaf surface condense into spots, which affects the appearance(gallon plant pot). You can stand on the weight of the pot by hand. Judging by the weight of the flower pot. 

Backwater Some potted flowers, such as Dupinhua, Camellia, Jasmine, Gardenia, White Orchid, etc.(50 cell seed trays wholesale), after applying liquid fertilizer in the evening of the first day, the type exhibition must be re-watered, called "backwater". Because the fertilizer applied in the evening of the first day, after a night of infiltration and drying, the concentration of fertilizer increased, not only not easy to be absorbed by the root hair, but also easy to damage the root(propagation tray). If it is much lighter than normal, it means that there is no water.

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