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Cheap Plastic Seed Trays Manufacturers China

At the same time, the hemp was planted in the cellar from October to November, and the grass was hoeed from April to May the following year to prevent trampling by humans and animals(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Gastrodia is just growing in spring and requires less water(15 cell trays bulk). It is the peak growth period from June to August. In case of drought, pay attention to watering to protect the buds. 

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Ditch the drainage ditch(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Cover weeds or thick leaves. Native name Lala. Immerse in 20% Dimethoate 0.2% concentration, soak once for 12-14 hours, soak for 10 hours, remove and dry after poisoning.  At the time of closing, the grades are readily assigned(21 cell trays bulk). Above three two (every two = 50g) is first-class, 1.5-3 is two second-class; those who are less than 1.5 two and excavated can only be counted as third-class.(cheap plastic seed trays manufacturers china)

It can dig vertical and horizontal tunnels under the topsoil of Gastrodia cellar to eat Gastrodia tubers(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Use 50% chlordane 0.5kg, wheat bran (stir-fried) 25kg, add water 7.5kg and mix, and then disperse the surface of Gastrodia cellar as poison bait in the evening(32 cell trays bulk). The native silkworm (golden beetle), which eats local names, eats gastrodia in the cellar to make it hollow. Triturate with trichlorfon and put honey on the dish to trap and kill.

Put 3 pieces in each cellar, the drug period is 7d, and you ca n’t kill it once(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If you want to put it a few more times, you can cut more sweet potato dip and dry it for later use. Prevent children from eating by mistake when drying and hiding. Can be used to kill ants(50 cell trays bulk). You can use meat skin, meat, chicken, and fish bones to bury people near the gastrodia elata, wait for two days to watch, when the ants gather, use hot water to kill them.

(cheap plastic seed trays manufacturers china)You can lift the pot to temporarily set a stove to boil hot water(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). There are aphids in the flowering period, which can be sprayed with a solution of 40% dimethoate emulsion 0.05%. Harvested from October to November(98 cell trays bulk). First dig out the fungus pin, take out the arrow hemp, white hemp and rice hemp, handle it lightly, and classify the shipment to avoid artificial mechanical damage and prevent rotting after planting.

After the water is boiled, cook different grades of Gastrodia separately, put a small amount of Mingfan, 5kg Gastrodia plus 2 two(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Cook more than 2 for 10-15min, cook 2 to 3 for 7-10min, cook for less than 2 for 5-8min, cook for about 4min outside, in short, cook over the heart (invisible from dark to bright) Black heart is enough. Flat ground can be infiltrated by watering around the cellar(105 cell trays bulk). Do not use too much fire when baking.

The temperature on the pit is preferably 50-60 ° C(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When drying to 70%, if the big hand is squashed, the small one is not pressed, and then dry. At this time, the temperature is preferably 70 ° C, and it can also be dried. After drying, it can be taken out and packed in different grades(162 cell trays bulk). The first thing I got was a mushroom bag, but the mushroom that is most suitable for planting is poisonous potato.(cheap plastic seed trays manufacturers china)

Use a hoe to gently dig a small reason, then infiltrate with water, and return to the original state after pouring(cell seed trays). The method is to cut the sweet potato into the size of a matchbox, plant fruits and seeds, and let the branches grow shade. Simultaneously set up, the processed Gastrodia after the skin is created is called Xuema(200 cell trays bulk), so now there is a large amount of artificial cultivation, and no skin is created except for export.

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