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Cheap Plastic Seed Trays Wholesale Price Puerto Rico

When the power supply is connected, the temperature can generally be maintained at 24 ~ 26 ℃, and the germination starts to pay close attention to the rise and fall of the temperature, and adjust the temperature by using high and low switches, adding and subtracting quilts and other auxiliary methods(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). Generally, two kinds of cartons with length, width and height in proportion are used for electric bulb bud inducer.

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Lay cold proof materials at the bottom of the large box, preferably benzene plate, rice husk, sawdust, etc.(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico), and then place the small box in the center, and fill the gap between the two boxes. Parallel water or tap water is introduced into the drainage pipe, and the other end is led to a place where water is convenient(112 cell plug trays). The plastic seedling raising bowl has the most round plastic seedling raising bodies, with different specifications and sizes.

For example, two kinds of cartons with length, width and height of about 40 cm and 25 cm respectively are used, and wooden cases are better(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). The diameter of the water pipe depends on the water consumption(fabric smart pots). First paste 1-2 layers of paper in the carton (except the top) to make it tight, and then nail 1-2 layers of film for heat preservation and moisture retention to prevent the carton from being damp and deformed(51 cell plug trays). 

First, drill a hole in the middle of the small box cover to clamp the lamp cap and install 15 self drying bulb and installing temperature change switch(19cm plastic plant pot). Put a thermometer in the small box, lay a clean wet towel at the bottom of the box, spread the treated seeds on one side of the towel, and cover the seeds on the other side, so that the germinating light sensitive seeds can not see light(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). The water pressure is preferably 0.3~0.5 kg/cm².

1m wide, generally lay a hose in the middle for water supply and plant double rows of vegetables(23cm plastic plant pots). Since the temperature change switch and the force of adding and subtracting the covering on the large box L are used to assist in adjusting the temperature, note that the bulb can not be used with large wattage and can not be close to the box(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). Too much water pressure will damage the pipe wall or cause too much water. 

Container seedling raising can effectively protect the roots, so that it can be managed at the seedling stage(cheap plastic hanging baskets). After planting, there is no need to slow seedlings. The seedling raising container has an appropriate price and can be used for many years. The seedling raising plate is made of plastic or wood(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). It is mainly used for sowing seedlings and producing bucket vegetables(50 cell propagation trays). It is also used for cultivating young seedlings.

It can also be used for soilless cultivation, so that it is suitable for handling(36 cell seed trays). It is suitable for ten-dimensional seedling and cultivation, sowing and cultivating young seedlings The seedling tray with a height of 10 cm is more suitable(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). The water pipe that takes over the water outlet I of the water pump should be matched with the water outlet, and it is more appropriate to set the pipe on the water outlet(32 cell seed tray). The cold proof materials are flush with the upper edge of the small box.

Lay the cable from the nearest end to the power supply, and then play back the cable, and then tighten it step by step(plastic ground cover for weed control). The other type is small-caliber submersible pumps, which are put into the water of large-caliber wells, rivers, and ponds. The seedling tube is made of plastic or paper(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). The water pipe used is slightly larger than the water outlet, which can extend the life of the slurry and the motor, save electricity and save watering time. 

The diameter of the upper mouth for vegetable seedling raising is generally 6 ~ 10 cm(20cm plastic plant pots), and the height of 8-12 cm is more suitable, among which the early maturing and older age (referring to the seedling size) is cultivated The seedling with true diameter of 8 ~ 10cm and height of more than 9cm should be selected(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). The size of the tube and the principle of seedling bowl shall be selected Similar, its height should be 11 ~ 13 cm.

In the evening, the heat is released(20 cell seed trays). The plastic film arch shed is widely used in family gardens, which can not only cultivate vegetables, but also raise seedlings. In addition to the above 3 kinds of commonly used containers, there are peat bowls, seedling nuggets, seedling soil blocks, seedling grids, plugs, etc(21 cell plug trays). The diameter of the inlet pipe is 2.54 cm or 3.81 cm for the greenhouse, and 3.81 cm or 5.08 cm for the greenhouse(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico).

The thickness is between 0.04 and 0.15 mm(11 cm plant pots). Now the hose has been produced in many factories, with various models and colors in black or blue. Then, when there are many vegetable valves in other auxiliary equipment, troops, organs and institutions, if more electric heating wires are used, if they are made of plastic, the tube must be removed during planting, and the paper can be connected and planted in the soil(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). 

The roots pierced during the movement are broken, so the height of the tube should not be too short(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). When the laying of a wire is finished, use the power wire to fix it on the post I with a knot, and nail the post wherever it is laid(50 cell seed trays). Laying in a greenhouse with a back wall (north wall), the beds are generally made from north to south, and 8 square meters are made into 2 beds with a length of 4 meters and a width of 1 meter(v12 plastic pots).

Use wooden poles as a support, spread wooden bark, forest dry curtain, reed curtain, fritter curtain, etc(heavy duty 1020 trays). on it, and place a 10 cm thick bed on it, or put the seedling tray directly on the wooden frame(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). Compared with surface flood irrigation (furrow irrigation, border irrigation), it can save water 42%-50%, increase ground temperature by about 1℃, air temperature by about 2, and reduce air relative humidity by about 10%. 

Then there are two main types of water pumps for home gardens(18 cell seed trays). One type is ordinary small-diameter water pumps, which are generally installed on hand-pressured wells(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). When watering the garden, electric motors and diesel engines are used to drive the water pumps. This kind of water pump is cheap, easy to install, and has various models(15 cell seed trays). They are very convenient to use, but they must be powered by electricity.

It is not advisable to use a water pipe with a smaller diameter than the water outlet, so as not to reduce the service life of the pump and the motor(12cm plastic plant pots). After the hose is used up, wash and roll it and store it in a cool and dark place(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). Keep all the water in the hose. Generally, it can be used for 2 years.

Therefore, when there is no electric hotbed, the frame bed can be used to sow seedlings, and the frame bed is built in the middle of the greenhouse, with a height of 78~80 cm(128 cell plug flats). Fertilization with drip irrigation can reduce fertilizer leaching and increase production and income(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). After laying, connect with the branch pipe, and the connection should be tightened to prevent water leakage(9cm plastic plant pots). You can see a small parabolic flow. 

The branch pipe is connected with the drip pipe with a reducing tee(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price puerto rico). Check the dripping condition of the hose through the water. If there is no dripping or the tee has a leak, repair it. Finally, cover with mulch and press tightly with soil on both sides. Use a valve to adjust the water pressure(40 cell seed trays). Hose drip irrigation is to drip water from small holes in polyoxyethylene or polyethylene pipes to achieve the purpose of irrigation.

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