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Cheap Plastic Seed Trays Wholesale Suppliers Canada

There is no sponge at home? But we have a scouring pad~ tear off the rough side of the scouring pad(black plastic nursery pots), leave the sponge, cut it into the right size, put it into the bottom of the basin, then cover the soil, and no longer need to raise the flowers! Although the sand itself There is no nutrients and fertility, but its particles are relatively large, the viscosity is not strong and it does not absorb water. It is very good for draining soil. It is mixed with the right amount of coarse sand in the flower soil, and the sputum of the potted water is not seen(18 cell seed starting trays). When used, add humus soil and a small amount of base fertilizer, which can basically meet the soil demand of most flowers in the family.

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(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers canada)It can be used from spider plant, green radish to jasmine and medlar(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Generally, the proportion of sand is about 1:3 or 1:4. The small stones seen on the side of the road also remember to pick them up and put them on the bottom of the pot to avoid water accumulation. Just put the broken stones on the bottom of the pot, just remember to put a little less, otherwise it will be very laborious to move the pots later(seed propagation trays). The size of the stone can be determined according to the size of the flower pot, if the flower pot is relatively large.

Then you can put some relatively large stones on the bottom layer, which can both breathe and save soil(plastic nursery pots). The remaining wood chips in the home decoration are kept first, and the drainage effect at the bottom of the flower pot is also a good one. However, the wood chips mentioned by the product sisters are solid wood chips. The wood chips in the composite wood contain chemicals that are not good for your favorite flowers and plants(72 cell seed starter trays). The wood chips are best cooked in boiling water and then dried. This kind of wood chips is placed at the bottom of the flower pot to ensure that your potted plants are not rotten. It is beautiful for many years.

(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers canada)The deodorization ability of charcoal has been introduced before(plug trays wholesale), and it is great to breathe through the bottom of the flower pot. Charcoal itself is very loose and breathable, deodorant disinfection, and also contains rich trace elements and various minerals, which is very suitable for flowering ~ crush the charcoal into small pieces, put it directly on the bottom of the flower pot and fill it with soil(50 cell seed starter trays). Okay. Onions are available to every household, and most people only know that onions can be used for cooking.

But I don't know, small onions have a lot of magical effects on flower cultivation(plastic nursery pots manufacturers)! Don't believe it? Then continue to look down! Many flower friends and flowers spit, why care for their own flowers, but finally the flowers Unexpectedly bright? Homemade onion coloring water: 1, soak the chopped onion in the water, add a few drops of white vinegar, soak for a day(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). 2. Filter out the onions after soaking, leaving only the onion water and dilute the watering with water.(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers canada)

Pour once in 7-10 days. 3, lasts more than 3 times(seed starter trays), after the flower is opened, it will be found that the color of the flower becomes brighter! In addition to worrying about the yellow leaves, dead branches, and flowers, the flowers have to worry about whether they will attract small bugs. Onions can be used as insecticides because of their pungent taste! Homemade onion insecticides: 1. Chop the onions and prepare them in water at a ratio of 1:30(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). 2. Spray the fermented onion water to the part of the flower worm, which can be combined with watering for several times.

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