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Leaves consume 1A photosynthetic products every day, with low night temperature and large temperature difference, and less photosynthetic product consumption(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). Mix well, sift and level, pour water (about 4cm), sprinkle a layer of fine soil after water, and fill the low recess with soil(v9 plastic pots). The nutrient area of seedling dividing shoes is too small, which is not conducive to controlling rank and promoting root. 

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A reasonable assimilation leaf area should be maintained to avoid excessive nutrient consumption of leaf vine(nursery seedling tray). The seeds shall be evenly sown and covered with about 1cm soil layer (50g of bacteria and insects can be killed, 30kg of soil can be mixed to prevent underground diseases and insect pests, or 20g of seedling fungus song can be mixed with ± 20kg)(32 cell seedling tray). After about 40 days(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). Seedlings with 2 leaves and 1 heart.

Before planting, use copper sulfate with 500 times ammonium bicarbonate solution twice to prevent soil borne diseases and improve plant stress resistance(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). The difference between the aboveground development of fruit and vegetable vegetables and leaf and rhizome vegetables is that they should form fruits through the development stage, and bloom and bear fruit through the vernalization and light stage(9cm plastic plant pots).

In different regions, the autumn cultivation of phase room vegetables is postponed, and the seedlings are raised from mid July to late August(98 cell seed tray). At this time, it is the plum rain season, with high soil filling and air humidity, moderate temperature, and seedling emergence through direct seeding(50 cell plug trays). M biological bacteria solution can be applied to the overgrown seedlings to balance the nutrition of plants and soil filling(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae).

When the vegetable leaves are large and thin and the stem is long, the water, ammonia fertilizer and night temperature should be controlled to control the rank, promote the fruit and improve the yield(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). Generally speaking, at the seedling stage, the weak plant and deep root should be lifted(11 cm plant pots). For example, the length of the photoperiod is different, and the flower bud differentiation is different for the growth and development of eggplant.

In the middle and late stage of plant growth and development(288 cell plug tray), the leaf vine should be controlled so that reproductive growth accounts for 60% ~ 70% of photosynthetic products and nutritional growth accounts for 30% ~ 40% of photosynthetic products(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). The dwarf plants were watered with EM biological bacterial fertilizer to increase the night temperature and adjust the balance between the aboveground and underground parts(15 cell seed trays).

During colonization, 2kg copper sulfate and 9kg ammonium bicarbonate shall be applied every 667m to protect roots from Verticillium wilt(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). The preparation of bed soil is the same as above, making ditches and sowing seedlings according to 8 ~ 10cm of each row, and pouring 1000 times of zinc sulfate water to promote deep root binding(plastic ground cover for weed control). Reproductive growth is the organ of nutrient storage and accumulation.

Therefore(200 cell seed trays), the vegetative growth in the seedling stage is too vigorous, and the fruit is small and easy to rot(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae); In the middle and late stage, it grows wildly, the nutrition grows vigorously, the results are not plump, the color is dark, the expansion is slow, and the yield is reduced by about 30%(21 cell plug trays). In the fruiting period, keep the ground out of direct light, and the factor of light to generate heat and photosynthetic intensity. 

The size of leaf area determines the photosynthetic capacity of plants, and the intensity of photosynthesis determines the expansion speed and weight of vegetables(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). During flower bud differentiation of 5 ~ 6 leaves, the vegetative growth is too strong, the plant is too long, the flower bud differentiation is turned over, the flower bud is small, the development is incomplete(72 cell propagation tray), and it is easy to fall flowers due to malnutrition.

In vegetable management, we should coordinate the balance of vegetative growth and reproductive growth by strengthening environmental management and plant adjustment(cheap plastic hanging baskets). For example, the key to high yield is to control the night temperature at 13 ~ 14 ℃ during pollination and fertilization and lower the temperature at fruit expansion stage(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). Vegetative growth is the organ of nutrient production and transportation.

There are 13 to 14 functional leaves(162 cell seed starting trays). Reasonably sparse planting and focus on applying potassium, blessing, and carbon fertilizers during the fruiting period are effective methods to promote reproductive growth and suppress vegetative growth(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). After testing, Shulai removed two cotyledons 2 to 3 days after emergence, and the fullness of pregnancy and the speed of flowering and fruit expansion increased by about 20%(32 cell seed tray).

Stem thickening and fruit swelling are phenomena of accumulation of photosynthetic products, that is, cell volume. Maintain a reasonable nutrient area to coordinate the contradiction between vegetative growth and reproductive growth(fabric smart pots). Without a large nutrient area, vegetable fruits will not grow large, but excessive nutrient growth will inevitably inhibit the expansion of fruits, and the total yield may not be high(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae).

According to the test(128 cell plug trays), the number of leaves per plant of cucumber in the greenhouse is 25-30 in winter and spring, which can meet the needs of balanced growth and development of the plant(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). In the production and management process of room eggplant, the early stage should focus on controlling the rank and promoting the root, and the middle and late stage should focus on controlling the vine and promoting the fruit(v12 plastic pots).

The balance between vegetative growth and reproductive growth controls and coordinates plant vegetative growth and reproductive growth according to the different growth and development stages of vegetables(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). The diameter of the leaves is 20 to 25 cm, the node length is 15 to 16 cm, and the thickness is 2 cm(12cm plastic plant pots). Appropriate leaves The area can ensure adequate synthesis of carbohydrates and reduce the consumption of nutrients.

The absorption of ammonia(50 cell propagation trays), carbon, and phosphorus is accelerated during the gestation period, the amount of carbon and potassium in the fruit enzyme period is large, and the absorption of phosphorus is more in the mature period(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). When the corolla of the bud is purple, use 30 mg/kg 2,4-D to smear the berry and fruit stalk(12.5 cm plant pots), and spray a little sukeling to pick the corolla in time to prevent gray mold from rot.

Vegetative growth and reproductive growth always run through the growth of onion(128 cell plug flats). can spray manganese preparations on the leaves to strengthen the flower buds, spray zinc sulfate to promote the elongation of the stigma, and spray selenium sand to promote the fullness and maturity of pollen grains to avoid unfertilized rigid fruit(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). The high temperature in the latter half of the night is the main reason for plant growth and yield reduction.

Therefore(51 cell seed trays), it is particularly important to use water, fertilizer, gas, light, temperature, and medicine to adjust the environment and adjust plants, and to adjust the reproductive relationship between nutrition and reproduction(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae). The leaf area is too large, too large and thin, and photosynthetic products are not accumulated(105 cell plug flats); too small and rigid leaves waste sunlight and space, and eggplant grows slowly and small. 

Pay attention to the application of cattle, potassium sulfate and BM biological bacteria to promote fruit expansion, and beware of excessive vegetative growth that inhibits reproductive growth and reduces production(112 cell seed trays). Cultivate eggplants, tomatoes, and peppers in greenhouses overwintering, and use polyethylene to roast the purple light film directly to control vines, suppress seedlings, promote roots and promote fruits(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale uae).

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