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Cheap Plastic Seedling Cell Trays Suppliers Bulgaria

In addition to some plants can not spray water(rooting tray), the majority of flowers and plants often spray water to clean the leaf surface, spray pesticides to control diseases and insect pests, can greatly reduce and eliminate ant activities. The adults are soft and have no outer shell and are grayish brown or yellowish white. Drug group(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). The wooden box is used to place the culture soil for the cultivation and support of flower seedlings.

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The following points should be paid attention to in order to prevent and control the group insects in the basin soil(72 cell plant tray). Change soil and replant. The eggs are laid in the "pocket" under the abdomen. Rattus is a kind of common harmful animals in greenhouse or family. The sieve is mainly used to screen the stones or dust in the culture soil(11cm plastic grow pots). Mesh size depends on the need, but also can be replaced by plastic Amoy or steel screen window.(cheap plastic seedling cell trays suppliers bulgaria)

Rattus is a kind of small insects belonging to the class Crustacea of Arthropoda(v15 nursery pots). Its body is about 10 mm long(heavy duty plug trays). Its body is gray white, and its back is gray. It is broad and flat. It has two small antennae on its head and many small feet on both sides of its body. Each male can lay about 30 eggs(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). One by one they leave the mother when they are in Chaohua. The original basin soil can be reused after medicine or heating disinfection.

(cheap plastic seedling cell trays suppliers bulgaria)Like wet environment, so some people call it "tide worm"(72 cell flats), not resistant to drought, and hide in the drainage hole of flower pot, feeding on young and new roots of flowers, biting off fibrous roots and damaging the tender leaves and stems on the ground, resulting in poor growth of flowers, yellowing of leaves, or biting the stems and leaves into notches, causing rot(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). Rattus is a kind of pest that many people are not familiar with.

If you use plastic box or tray(nursery tray). The main harmful flowers are guayeju, Qiuhai case, violet, cyclamen, geranium, Narcissus, cactus, cactus, tiexiancang, camellia, Michelia, hydrangea, etc. Prevention and control measures are as follows: pay attention to artificial hunting when changing pots(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). When people hear the name, they may mistake it for "mouse", but it is not. If there are histones in the soil, the new culture soil should be used for replanting.(cheap plastic seedling cell trays suppliers bulgaria)

Spray: spray or spray liquid, the market has a small flower dedicated(50 cell tray). The handle can be used to loosen the basin soil and improve the permeability of the basin soil. It can be twisted into 4-tooth or 6-tooth small rake with thick lead wire, or it can be replaced by a Western fork(plant start trays wholesale). The spring scissors used for pruning fruit trees should be used to cut thick stems. Household scissors can be used to cut twigs, flowers, leaves and roots.

(cheap plastic seedling cell trays suppliers bulgaria)Flowerpots are the necessary utensils for raising flowers at home(germination tray price). They vary in texture, style, color and size. It is mainly used for planting flowers or sowing seedlings. Brush and brush: it can be used to brush away dust and spider painting on leaves and basin sides. It can also be used to remove pests and clean branches and leaves(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). The brush can also be used for artificial pollination of flowers. It can also be used to loosen soil and weed.

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