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Cheap Plastic Seedling Plug Trays Manufacturers Ireland

When the temperature was higher than 30 ℃, the growth was poor, and it grew slowly below 15 ℃(rooting tray). However, the growth stopped at 10 ℃. After long-term observation by scientists, it is found that plants enter the stage of illumination after the stage of growth and development(black plastic plant pots). The response of flower flowering to the length of sunshine is called photoperiod phenomenon. The length of the day varies with the season.

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During photosynthesis, plants emit oxygen and water vapor, which gather around the leaves and stagnate, but the plants themselves do not move(2 gallon pots for plants). There are many flowers in the flowering period have distinct seasonal, such as early spring primrose, plum blossom, welcome spring open, late spring peony, peony open, pomegranate(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), Lagerstroemia open in summer, chrysanthemum and hibiscus bloom in autumn, Chimonanthus praecox in winter.

(cheap plastic seedling plug trays manufacturers ireland)Thermophile type: this kind of flower is most suitable for high temperature of about 30 ℃, and can still grow vigorously above 40 ℃, but can not grow below 15 ℃(128 cell plug flats). Among them, Milan, jasmine, Canna, Euphorbia pulcherrima, a kind of grass flowers in spring, summer and autumn, and bulb flowers dormant in winter, such as gladiolus, Euphorbia, dahlia, etc.(heavy duty plug trays), most of which are native to tropical regions. require humidity of 80% - 90%.

Warm and cool type: this kind of flowers not only fear cold, but also fear heat, the optimum temperature is 20 ~ 25 ℃, such as dahlia, geranium, cyclamen, jasmine, rose, etc(plastic herb pots). The short day flowers can bloom ahead of time if they are treated with shading in summer, and the flowering period of long sunshine flowers can be prolonged by using light treatment in autumn and winter(72 cell plant tray). This phenomenon often occurs in indoor potted flowers in winter.(cheap plastic seedling plug trays manufacturers ireland)

However, the gas around it is moving and exchanging, and it must rely on air flow to germinate and flourish(deep propagation trays). Because of the close arrangement of pots and pots, and the crowding of branches and leaves, the plants can't get the carbon dioxide they need to absorb, and the oxygen and water vapor can't disperse, which leads to the occurrence of pathogens and pests(germination tray price). When flowers open is influenced by the information of light cycle.

(cheap plastic seedling plug trays manufacturers ireland)Generally, indoor potted flowers require a humidity of 65% - 70%, while planting tropical foliage plants such as Chlorophytum, purple Commelina communis, etc(plastic plant pot suppliers). Chrysanthemum, poinsettia, and crab claw orchid belong to short sunshine flowers, which need less than 12 hours of sunshine every day before they can flower(nursery tray). At the same time, the over dense branches and leaves should be appropriately thinned to facilitate ventilation.

Gladiolus, guayeju, calendula, mirabilis, Hydrangea are long sunshine flowers, which can blossom only after more than 12 hours in the daytime(lavender plug trays). The remedy is to spray water around the potted flowers or to the leaf wine. South facing balcony, sunlight is sufficient, all day can bask in the sun. The East-West balcony has only half a day's exposure to the sun(v15 nursery pots). Therefore, there should be a certain distance between flowerpots, or placed on different shelves.(cheap plastic seedling plug trays manufacturers ireland)

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