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The specific methods are as follows(large plastic terracotta pots): first, cut the interface at an angle of 30 at the appropriate grafting position of the stock, with the length of about 3cm, and the lower end of the incision should not exceed the pith center of the base wood; then cut the joint into a partial mold shape, with the length of about 3cm, and the back of the cutting slightly shorter, with the length of 2.5-2.8cm(40 cell tray in bulk). It is also called hypodermic abdominal connection.

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The long cutting surface of the connecting base is about 2.5cm, which shall be cut straight, and the lower part of its back shall be cut into a small bevel(black plastic nursery pots). With the survival of the scion, the opening of the plastic bag cover shall be timely ventilated(51 cell trays bulk). ICut the ear from the back of the bud at the lower part of the German branch, and make a 3-5cm long cutting surface, with the section straight and beyond the pith center.(cheap plastic seedling plug trays suppliers vietnam)

The cutting of rootstock is in the shape of "t"(flat plastic tray), and one knife is obliquely cut down about 0.5cm above the "t" shape, one piece of meniscus cortex is removed, and then the cortex on both sides is pried off to insert sugar, and tightly tied. In addition, there is another kind of subcutaneous abdominal joint called inlay abdominal joint, that is, the "door" shape (upper mouth cut into a half moon shape) of Kumu skin is cut, and the cortex is torn to embed the scion(104 cell trays bulk), so it is called inlay adhesive joint.

In addition to the interface binding and moisturizing, the plastic film bag shall be covered for moisturizing and shading to prevent the buds and leaves of the scion from being burned by too high temperature(plastic nursery pots). Both of them are suitable for grafting with the same thickness of rootstock and scion. Abdominal grafting can be done without cutting the foundation, especially after the grafting is completed stably(72 cell seed starting trays). The cutting method of joining Kude is the same.

(cheap plastic seedling plug trays suppliers vietnam)The flat bevel with a length of 3-5 star meters is uniformly made without tongue cutting(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The forming layers of mucose are aligned with each other when joining. Attention shall be paid to prevent dislocation when carrying out the flag. When jointing, insert the tongues of the rootstocks into each other's incisions and align them with the cambium(40 cell trays bulk). f both the nitrate wood and the sugar are fine, the combination can be used.

The cutting surface of the scion on the tongue is the same as that of the scion, and the cutting of the two is equal, or the cutting surface of the scion is slightly shorter than that of the rootstock(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Then, the cutting was done at 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the distance between the cutting surface and the head of the rootstock respectively, and the joint was cut longitudinally, with a length of about 20 Li meters(wholesale greenhouse pots), in the shape of a tongue.(cheap plastic seedling plug trays suppliers vietnam)

If the rootstock is thicker than the sugar, pay attention to align the cambium on one side when inserting(plastic grow pots). The advantage of tongue grafting is that the contact surface of sugar forming layer of rootstock is large, and it has a certain clamping force, and the survival rate of grafting is high, but it is more difficult to operate, and it is mostly used for trees with low survival rate of grafting, such as walnuts(wholesale nursery pots). The moisturizing methods of joint and tongue joint are the same as that of skin joint.

After cutting cool, select a smooth and straight place to cut the skin layer of the rootstock from the cutting face down to a small opening, the opening length is 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the cutting face of the scion(square nursery pots). Then hold the stem above the cutting of the base wood, open the interface gently, insert the long side into the scion, then cut the upper stem at the interface, or cut the anvil first, and then cut the interface(seed starter trays). This method is also known as "t" shaped skin grafting (Figure 6-10).

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