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Qing Li Dou mentioned Yangzhou bonsai in many places in "Yangzhou Huafanglu", and there are plum bonsai in Zheng Banqiao's paintings(bulk buy plastic plant pots). A pot of juniper bonsai currently displayed in the Slender West Lake Park in Yangzhou, originally preserved in the ancient temple of Tianning Temple, is a relic from the end of the Ming Dynasty(bulk pots).  There are some gaps between the rock and the stone slab.

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It can be seen that the formation of Yangpai bonsai was not later than the Ming Dynasty(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). In general, there are more evergreen tree species and tree species for viewing flowers and fruits. Generally, the shape of the top piece is round, and the middle and lower pieces are mostly palm-shaped, just like the clusters of clouds in the blue sky. Probably(shallow germination trays). The evaluation criteria of "The film must be flat and meritorious" are all related to this influence.

(cheap plastic seedling pots suppliers ireland)The trunk is about two feet high, buckled like a horned dragon, and only one third of the bark remains, resembling a tree crown(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). If the gardens of Yangzhou have both the majesty of the north and the beauty of the south, then the same is true for the bonsai of Yangzhou(plastic planters bulk). Its artistic characteristics can be summarized as "rigid and varied, delicate and magnificent", just like the "stylus pen" in traditional Chinese painting.

The northern faction includes the Su faction, Yang faction, Sichuan faction, Hui faction, Shanghai faction, Zhejiang faction, Tong faction and so on(rootmaker propagation trays); while the southern faction centers on Guangzhou and Guilin, mainly Lingnan faction. The ancient city of Yangzhou has developed economy and culture, which has profoundly influenced the formation of Yangpai bonsai art style(4 inch plastic pots bulk). It is highly decorative and gives a beautiful and delicate feeling.(cheap plastic seedling pots suppliers ireland)

At the same time, many famous poets and painters have gathered here(2.5 inch square plastic pots), such as the Qing Dynasty monk Shi Tao and the "Eight Monsters of Yangzhou". In the old age, the service objects of Yangzhou bonsai were mainly the feudal ruling class such as big salt merchants, big landlords, and big bureaucrats(black plastic plant pots wholesale). Their aesthetic appeal also affected the bonsai art. Yangzhou bonsai is represented by pine, cypress, elm, boxwood, etc.

(cheap plastic seedling pots suppliers ireland)Other commonly used tree species include five-needle pine(one gallon pot), podocarpus, Chinese cypress, June snow, ginkgo, plum, tiger thorn, golden bird, rhododendron, camellia, wolfberry, lingxiao, green peach, wisteria, southern sky bamboo, winter plum, pomegranate And honeysuckle(98 cell plug trays). The umbrella cover, with luxuriant branches and lush greenery, can be regarded as a masterpiece of the traditional style of Yangpai in terms of its shape.

In recent years, the use of tree bonsai materials has been continuously enriched and increased(2 gallon pots wholesale). Yangpai's tree modeling is mainly regular, the most significant The characteristic of the cloud is the "cloud piece." The cloud piece is cut and tied with brown silk to tie the branches and leaves into flat slices(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). The arrangement of the clouds is dense and dense, with suitable heights, spread in all directions, with distinct levels.(cheap plastic seedling pots suppliers ireland)

Yunpian also absorbs the distant posture of the green pines and cypresses in the landscape paintings(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). It does not seek detailed description, but pays attention to the overall composition image of the canopy. Clouds with 1~3 layers are called "desktop", and those with multiple layers are called "Qiaoyun". The cloud slices are extremely flat, and there is no fear of spilling if clear water is filled on it(polystyrene plug plant trays). Detailed description.

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