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Cheap Plastic Seedling Tray Manufacturers In Argentina

If the soil moisture exceeds 20%, it will cause wet damage and rotten roots will die(cell trays). According to the production season, the fertilizer technology for spring spinach, summer spinach, autumn spinach and winter spinach is not the same. How to fertilize spinach? What are the precautions? Spring spinach sowing early, can be fertilized in the whole year, apply 4000~5000 kg of organic fertilizer per mu, deep turn 20~25 cm, ping to do(4.5inch square nursery pots), when early spring soil freezing 7~ Seeding can be done at 10 cm depth.

Apply 3,000 to 4,000 kilograms of compost per acre(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), 30 to 35 kilograms of superphosphate, 20 to 25 kilograms of ammonium sulfate, 10 to 15 kilograms of potassium sulfate, and 20 to 25 centimeters of deep ground. Autumn spinach is applied with 4000~5000 kg of organic fertilizer per acre, 25~30 kg of superphosphate, and 20~25 cm deep, and it is made of sorghum or sorghum(3.5inch square nursery pots). Therefore, it is best to use nitrate nitrogen fertilizer. The ammonium nitrogen is applied cautiously.(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in argentina)

Then, in the middle and late stages of fertility, spring spinach can be applied with 15 to 20 kg of ammonium sulfate per acre(plastic nursery pots). Due to the short growth period of spring spinach, sufficient nitrogen fertilizer can make the leaves grow vigorously and delay the convulsion period. Summer spinach is planted in the hot season, after 2~3 pieces of true leaves appear(2.5inch square nursery pots), chasing 1~2 times of available nitrogen fertilizer, and applying 10~15 kg of ammonium sulfate per acre.

After the autumn spinach seedlings are unearthed, they will not be applied to 4~5 true leaves(wholesale nursery pots), and 2~3 times of available nitrogen fertilizer should be applied in stages. Or urea 10~12 kg, promote the thickening growth of the leaves and improve the quality(9.06inch plastic plant pots). Increase leaf nutrition and promote plant growth After spinach enters the vigorous growth period, it should be topdressed in time, combined with watering 10~15 kg of ammonium sulfate per acre.(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in argentina)

Wintering spinach requires long periods of dormancy in winter, so pay attention to fertilization. Before wintering, the spinach seedlings are about 10 cm high(plastic nursery pots wholesale). According to the growth situation, the wintering fertilizer should be applied once, and the ammonium sulfate can be applied 10~15 kg. In the spring of the next year, it should be topdressed in time(7.88inch plastic plant pots). It can be applied with 20~25 kg of ammonium sulphate and sprayed with 2~3 times of “Phosphorus Potassium Power” 800~1000 times solution.

(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in argentina)It is advisable to choose a neutral clay soil, which can be applied as a base fertilizer by using a mixture of compost and fertilizer(6.3inch plastic plant pots). Note: Spinach has a short growth period, and it is best to use quick-acting fertilizer for base fertilizer and top dressing. The production season of wintering spinach is at the junction of autumn and winter and winter and spring(7.48inch plastic plant pots), the soil temperature is low, the nitrification of soil is very weak, and the ammonium nitrogen fertilizer is quickly converted into nitrate nitrogen.

Some soils have the problems of iron, zinc, manganese, boron and other trace elements, yellow leaves, small leaves, easy to develop soft rot, poor growth, etc.(black plastic nursery pots), can be supplemented 2 to 3 times in the growing season, according to the local soil conditions It can be used for foliar fertilization. In the case of freezing damage, drought and saline soil(6.5inch plastic plant pots), it can be sprayed with 1000-1200 times solution of "sea chlorophyll", which can improve the resistance of spinach and promote the growth of spinach.

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