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Cheap Plastic Seedling Tray Manufacturers In Panama

There are three sources of soybean nitrogen, namely soil nitrogen(seed starter trays), fertilizer nitrogen, and air nitrogen. Soil nitrogen is a decomposition product of organic matter or nitrogen remaining in the former crop, and air nitrogen is a nitrogen that is symbiotic with soybean and rhizobium(cell trays). The proportion of the three nitrogen sources in the soybean plants varies due to the gradually increasing amount of fertilizer applied to the soybean varieties and soil nitrogen concentrations.

In the yellow muddy field, 10 kg of urea was applied in different periods after emergence, and the yield increased by 2.5-22.9%(flat plastic tray). According to the data, the results of the test on the white soil of the farmland showed that the nitrogen content of the fertilizer was less than 40 mg/kg, the nitrogen application of the fertilizer promoted the nodulation and growth(gallon plant pot), the soybean yield increased by 15%, and the nitrogen fertilizer of the fertilizer decreased by 40-100 mg of nitrogen.

(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in panama)The yield increased by more than 6%(square nursery pots), the hydrolyzed nitrogen was above 100 mg, the nodule was reduced, and the yield of nitrogen fertilizer in the seed fertilizer increased. The phosphorus absorbed by soybean roots preferentially meets the needs of root development, and then distributed to the aboveground parts and other organs(plug trays), and the most vigorously distributed parts are allocated the most.

Fertilizer nitrogen is applied to the soil or foliar application of nitrogen in the season(plastic grow pots), and the total phosphorus content of the phosphorus uptake from the seedling stage to the early flowering stage is 17%, and the absorption point of the first flower to the drum stage is 70%, respectively(propagation tray). From the period of maturity to the maturity of 13%, at the same time, phosphorus is continuously transferred and redistributed in soybean plants.

Phosphate application in soybean is to enhance the assimilating of the vegetative body and the assimilation of the leaves(black plastic plant pots), promote the transfer of the vegetative organs of the flowering stage to the solid organs, increase the accumulation rate of protein in the firm organs, and promote the development of the grains. After many years of experimentation, the effect of potassium application alone was not stable(51 cell trays bulk), and the increase of potassium and phosphorus fertilizers was extremely significant.

(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in panama)Growth is parallel. Under the conditions of field production(greenhouse supplies pots), the maximum potassium content in the petiole was 1.96-2.32% in the flowering stage, and the content of the flowering pods in the flowering and pod-forming period was 2.0-2.87%, and the high in the maturity period was 2.05-2.47. %. According to our test results on alluvial soil(104 cell trays bulk), the majority of the whole growth period is 90-130 days, and the seedling period to the flowering period.

The available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in soil were 77.3mg/kg, 4.0mg/kg and 8O.5mg/kg, respectively(gallon nursery pots). Under the same conditions of other fertilizer application of 6.12kg of nitrogen, the yield of Zhongdou19 was high, and the increase of Zhongdou 24 was less. No. 5 does not show an increase in production(40 cell tray in bulk). The distribution of potassium in soybean plants shifted to the physiologically active organs during the growth period.(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in panama)

After years of experimentation, the absorption and operation speed of soybeans is very fast(wholesale greenhouse pots), which fully proves the growth and reproduction of vegetative growth. From the above situation, due to the production level, soil conditions, fertilization and variety, the amount of nutrients absorbed per 100 kg of soybeans has changed greatly(40 cell trays bulk). Air nitrogen absorbed by the action of symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria is the most important source of nitrogen, followed by soil. 

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