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Cheap Plastic Seedling Tray Manufacturers In Peru

A lot of people have told us that there are too many fake seeds sold in the market, and they don’t germinate when they are broadcasted(flat plastic tray). Is it really a seed problem? You are really wrong! The coriander seeds have a hard shell outside, and must be manually removed before sowing(gallon nursery pots). Otherwise, the seeds absorb water slowly, soak for a long time, and the germination resistance is large, leading to germination rate. Very low.(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in peru)

In order to prevent the seeds inside from being crushed, it is not worth the loss(plastic grow pots)! Wrap the coriander seeds in gauze, soak them in warm water at 20-30 °C for 12-24 hours, rinse them in clean water for 1-2 times, and then lay the gauze flat. Spread in a container, the seeds are evenly placed on the gauze(cell trays), covered with a layer of gauze, and the two layers of gauze are kept moist (slightly pinched by hand to avoid dripping water), and the container is covered to keep warm.

(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in peru)The germinated seeds are spread evenly in the flowerpots prepared in advance (the soil has been poured into the water), and the soil is kept moist before emergence(greenhouse supplies pots). If it is fruit, spread the outer skin of the coriander seeds before planting, then spread the seeds on the soil that has been irrigated, and then cover the soil with a thin layer of soil(gallon plant pot). After the seeds are planted, keep the soil moist. So how do you break this hard shell?

Find a flat plate, spread the coriander seeds on top, and then squeeze the seeds slightly to crack the outer shell(wholesale greenhouse pots). Coriander is planted about 1-2 weeks later, and in the summer it can be germinated in 20-25 degrees of warm water before seeding. The growth rate of coriander in the seedling stage is relatively slow(plug trays). Do not pour too much water. When growing 3-4 leaves, you can spray a decomposed organic fertilizer, mainly nitrogen.

The watering should be carried out in the morning and evening when cold, and the water should be filled slowly(seed starter trays). Apply 25 kg of ternary compound fertilizer per acre or 15 to 20 kg of urea and 5 kg of potassium fertilizer. The ball-forming period is the period with the most water demand. The watering should be poured in the morning and evening(propagation tray). After the end of the seedlings, the water is filled with the top dressing. Then topdressing.(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in peru)

Remember, do not use too much force, can apply 5 to 10 kilograms of urea per acre, apply by hole or ditch, and can be filled in time after application(square nursery pots). The ball-forming period is the period in which the most fertilizer is needed. Generally, 30 kg of ternary compound fertilizer or 10 to 15 kg of urea and 10 kg of potassium fertilizer (potassium sulfate) are applied per mu in the beginning of the ball-forming period(11.43cm square grow pots). After the application, the water is not applied.

(cheap plastic seedling tray manufacturers in peru)Seeds can be planted when the seeds have just exposed white buds(black plastic plant pots). Do not accumulate water on the ridge, the root system is not lack of water. From the end of the rosette period to the middle of the ball, keeping the soil moist is one of the key technologies for obtaining high yields of baby vegetables(11.43cm square nursery pots). Stop watering 5 to 7 days before harvesting, otherwise the water content in the dish is high and it is not resistant to storage.

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