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Cheap Plastic Seedling Tray Supplier Philippines

Point tray seedling cultivation is a new seedling cultivation technology developed in the 1970s in European and American countries(propagation tray). It is listed as a key scientific and technological project of the Ministry of Agriculture during the Seventh Five-Year Plan and the Eighth Five-Year Plan in China. At present, it has become the main way of specialized commercial seedling production in many countries. Point tray seedling cultivation adopts precise sowing and seedling formation at one time. A series of operations such as matrix mixing, tray loading, seeding and covering are automatically controlled(flat plastic tray). Point tray seedling cultivation is 10 to 20 days shorter than conventional seedling cultivation, and labor efficiency is increased several times.

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(cheap plastic seedling tray supplier philippines)The average per capita management of conventional seedling nursery is 50,000 plants(plug trays), and the average per capita management of hole seedling nursery is 1 to 200,000 plants. Because of the high degree of mechanized operation management, the labor intensity is reduced and the workload is reduced. Seeds and seedling nurseries are planted in hole tray, one hole and one grain. The coal consumption per 10,000 seedlings is 25% to 50% of that of conventional seedling nurseries, which saves 2/3 of energy(greenhouse supplies pots). Nursery quantity per unit area is large, occupying only one fifth of the area of conventional nursery, which greatly improves the economic benefits.

Point tray seedlings will be removed from the hole during transplantation(gallon plant pot). The root system of the plant will not be damaged, and there will be no root socket. The slow seedling period after transplantation is short, and the plant growth and development is fast, so the survival rate is high. Point tray seedling is based on light matrix soilless material as seedling matrix, which has light proportion, strong water-retaining capacity, not easy to loose root, and is not restricted by season, suitable for long-distance transportation(plastic grow pots). Point tray seedling cultivation is standardized management, high production efficiency, and can breed high quality and fast propagation seedlings with strong growth and neat specifications.

(cheap plastic seedling tray supplier philippines)Because of the above reasons(cell trays), the cost of seedling cultivation in hole tray is 30% to 50% lower than that of conventional seedling cultivation. When the pot soil is slightly dry, the operation is clean and neat, and the pot is easy to separate from the soil. It is better to operate in cloudy days than in rainy days. If it needs to be done in rainy days, it is better to do it in shade or indoor(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The time of turning pots and changing soil should be at the beginning of plant germination at the end of March in spring after the whole flower has blossomed.

Because the rootstock has not yet grown tender roots and new leaves(gallon nursery pots). Practice has proved that it is safe to change soil for Cymbidium sinensis. It is the best time to change soil for turning pots. It not only does not damage the tender roots and new leaves of Cymbidium sinensis, but also promotes the germination and growth of plants and nurtures buds by changing pots for soil. The soybean dregs manufactured like this can be used to raise crab claw orchid, and the growth effect of the plant is especially good(wholesale greenhouse pots). It is suggested that people should put it in a bright place indoors before flowering to ensure that the ambient temperature is kept between 15 and 20 degrees C.

(cheap plastic seedling tray supplier philippines)After sprinkling, we use garden soil to cover the seals(black plastic plant pots). Crab claw orchid turning pots to change soil, the best choice is cloudy day. No matter what kind of crab claw orchid you raise, the pot-changing time must be after flowering, otherwise it will damage the plant; if there is no condition to regulate the temperature, do not try to put on a big bag for it, to avoid the bag too small to touch the flowers and leaves(square nursery pots), affecting its growth, it is recommended to make a support in the big bag.

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