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Cheap Plastic Seedling Trays Suppliers China

There are great differences in the content of nutrient elements in various organs of crops, not only in different growth periods, but also in a day(black plastic planters). Therefore, when collecting samples, we should fully consider various factors affecting the nutrient content according to the purpose and requirements of analysis. Because different organs of crops have different sensitivity to different elements(51 cell propagation trays wholesale), the sampling sites can be selected by referring to the table of sampling sites for crop diagnosis.

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At the same time, the samples after sampling should be marked and treated in time to prevent the change of nutrient elements(nursery tray). The fresh samples should be killed for 10-30 minutes in a 105 ℃ blast oven, and then dried for 4-8 hours in a 60 ℃ blast oven. The dried samples can be directly crushed in the plant crusher(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), and all samples can be passed through the 0.3-0.5mm sieve, then bottled or bagged, labeled and stored in a cool and dry place.(cheap plastic seedling trays suppliers china)

Most jujube farmers have not applied organic manure to jujube trees for many years, but only applied inorganic fertilizers such as nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer(plant starter pots), which resulted in the decrease of soil organic matter, the imbalance of soil nutrients, the change of soil aggregate structure, the change of soil acidity and alkali, the hardening of soil(shallow germination trays), the decrease of air and water permeability, the decrease of soil fertility and water conservation capacity.

(cheap plastic seedling trays suppliers china)Due to the change of soil structure, the nitrogen and phosphorus applied are also absorbed and fixed by the soil(plastic outdoor plant pots). In recent years, the jujube trees are no longer cultivated, strong outside and weak inside, and their disease resistance ability is reduced, resulting in the quality and benefit of jujube fruit decline(black plastic plant pots wholesale). The control effect was obvious after 2-3 times of root filling with drugs. The amount of farmyard manure has been greatly reduced.

Therefore, we should remind the jujube farmers to change their understanding(small plant pots for succulents), apply fertilizer scientifically, mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by inorganic fertilizer, balance fertilization, and use soil testing formula to apply fertilizer, which can not only save costs, but also increase economic benefits(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Bio organic manure contains not only organic matter and other kinds of nutrient elements, but also microbial fungi, and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.

If there is no farmyard manure, bio organic manure can be selected(plastic plant containers). Beneficial bacteria can activate the soil, make the soil loose and transparent, release nitrogen and phosphorus fixed by the soil. As a result of applying too much chemical fertilizer, the soil will harden, harmful bacteria will increase, beneficial bacteria will decrease(bulk pots), and disease will be aggravated, and the insufficient absorption of nutrients and water by jujube roots The growth period can not meet the needs of normal growth.(cheap plastic seedling trays suppliers china)

At first, 250-300g NPK (15-10-30) was applied to each plant, which could not be absorbed and utilized by jujube trees, resulting in a lot of waste(large plastic garden pots). It is mainly composed of organic fertilizer and biological bacterial fertilizer, 600-800 Jin of bio organic fertilizer or 5-8 cubic meters of rotten chicken manure per mu, 200-300 Jin of chitin based fertilizer(plastic planters bulk), 50-100 Jin of silicon calcium fertilizer and 30 jin of potassium sulfate, which are turned into the soil, and then ridged for planting.

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