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Cheap Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers Chile

Seedling bed has the longest history and the widest application(propagation tray). The types of seedbed are divided into: high bed, low bed and high-low bed. Refers to the seedbed with the bed surface higher than the footpath. The standard bed surface is 15-30cm higher than the footpath, generally 17-20cm(greenhouse supplies pots); the bed surface width is generally 90cm for side irrigation, and the bed surface for sprinkler irrigation can reach more than 1m.

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This rotation mode can greatly increase the organic matter in the soil(plug trays), promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, coordinate the water, fertilizer, gas, heat and other conditions in the soil, so as to improve the soil fertility conditions, which is extremely beneficial to the growth of seedlings(seed starter trays). Rotation of Pinus tabulaeformis and Pinus bungeana with Leucaena, compound leaf plate and zaolai can reduce bacterial wilt.(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers chile)

In recent years, it has also been reported abroad that the rotation of seedling and legume green manure crops is prone to nematode and pine root rot in the enclosure(gallon nursery pots). It is suggested that the legume green manure crops should be replaced by Yuli and sorghum green manure crops, and the effect of rotation is better(black plastic plant pots). The length of the seedbed depends on the terrain. The longer the seedbed is, the higher the land use efficiency is.

(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers chile)The length of surface irrigation is mostly 10-20 meters, the length is too long and the irrigation is uneven: the length of sprinkler irrigation can reach tens of meters(gallon plant pot). This rotation mode should be adopted in the nursery land in the area with large land area, early dry climate and poor soil screening(nursery plant pots). The disadvantages of high bed make bed and later management cost labor and high cost. The width of the bed and footpath is 40cm.

The application conditions are applicable to the trees that require good drainage and are sensitive to soil moisture(sureroot plug trays bulk), such as larch, fir, Cryptomeria, masson pine, Korean pine, spruce, fir, Chinese pine and many other coniferous trees and some broad-leaved trees: nursery land prone to water accumulation, areas with more precipitation or colder climate(128 cell seed trays wholesale). At present, there are two ways of seedling raising: Seedling in bed and seedling in field.

In the same rotation cycle, the bed surface is 15-25cm lower than the footpath(square nursery pots). The width of the bed surface is 1-1.5m. The disadvantage of low bed is that the soil in the seedbed is easy to harden due to irrigation, which increases the workload of loosening soil: in areas with more precipitation, the water in the bed is easy to accumulate(128 cell trays bulk). Rotation of Chinese Fir with Robinia pseudoacacia and Amorpha fruticosa has good effect.(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers chile)

When shade paste is needed, the bed ridge can be as wide as 50-60m(plastic grow pots). The advantages of high bed are good drainage, which can increase the thickness of the fertile soil layer, and high soil temperature: the side irrigation is used for mixing, and the bed is not easy to harden; the footpath can be used for both irrigation and drainage, and also dry seedling(72 cell plug trays supplier). The width of the footpath is 40-60 cm, generally 50 cm.

(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers chile)Applicable conditions are generally used in areas with less precipitation and no ponding(flat plastic tray): for tree species, the tree species with lax requirements for soil moisture and no ponding, such as most broad-leaved tree species and a few coniferous tree species such as Platycladus orientalis and Cupressus, use low bed to raise seedlings(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The advantages of low taste are better in the higher bed. It is suitable for manual operation to be 1m.

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