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Cheap Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers Portugal

The pruning of foliage flowers can generally be divided into winter pruning and summer pruning(greenhouse trays plastic). Foliage flowers generally grow slowly or stop growing in winter, and the time range is from the beginning of the end of autumn when the branches stop growing and ending in the early spring of the next year(black fabric bag). Pruning is the most commonly used measure, which can be divided into thinning and cutting, and the wound will heal easily.

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The flowers and trees in the Yangtze River Basin can be pruned immediately after winter(soil block propagation trays); the winter in the north is severely cold, and pruning after winter will cause the cutting mouth to be frozen and dehydrated. Generally, you have to wait until spring before budding. Thinning: cutting off the entire branch from the base without retaining the buds at the base(4 inch pots bulk). Pruning: Cut off a part of the annual branches and retain several buds at the base.

(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers portugal)When pruning, it is necessary to control the intensity and grasp the time(best microgreen trays). Generally, it is best to do it in late spring when the trees are about to sprout. Truncation refers to the truncation of stems or thick main branches and backbone branches. Thinning can make the branch distribution reasonable and even(large potting pots), improve the ventilation and light conditions in the canopy bore, and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Indoor foliage viewing can be carried out according to the room temperature(lavender plug trays wholesale). If the room temperature is low, trim it before entering the room; if the room temperature is high, trim it when leaving the room next year. Summer pruning refers to pruning during the growing season(9 inch plant pot), and the time range is from the beginning of the sprout of new shoots in spring to the end of autumn when the growth of branches stops.(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers portugal)

Do not do a lot of pruning, otherwise it will cause excessive wounds and damage vitality, and reduce the growth of flowers and trees(succulent propagation tray). When cutting the thick side branches, first use a saw to cut 1/3~2/5 from the bottom to the bottom of the thick branch base, and then cut from the top to the bottom to avoid splitting(smart grow bags). Finally, flatten the wound with a sharp blade and apply a protective agent to prevent pests or water evaporation.

(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers portugal)Evergreen trees, especially evergreen flowers and fruit trees, such as osmanthus, camellia, kumquats, etc., have no real dormancy period(plastic nursery pots suppliers). The roots and branches are active throughout the year. When the branches and leaves are cut, the nutrients contained in them are also lost. Has an impact on growth(nursery grow bags). Generally speaking, deciduous trees can be pruned at any time during the dormant period from late autumn to early spring.

The main objects of thinning are diseased branches(plastic plant pots manufacturers), damaged branches, dense branches in the inner chamber, dry branches, parallel branches, dense cross branches, weak hanging branches and interference branches. In general, thinning should reduce the number of shoots and prevent too many shoots from consuming nutrients, with dry and windy air(65 gallon grow bags), so it is conducive to flower bud differentiation and flowering and fruiting.

The purpose is to stimulate the germination of the side buds below the cut mouth, to draw new shoots(plastic plant pot suppliers), increase the number of branches, and promote more leaves and more flowers. At the same time, the distance between branches and roots can be shortened to facilitate the transportation of nutrients(grow bag greenhouse). Pruning can also change the position of the top advantage, control the size of the crown and the length of the branches.(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers portugal)

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