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Cheap Plastic Shallow Plant Trays In Bulk

In many areas, when rice is being seeded, the soil is not mixed with the scorpion(18 cell seed starting trays). After the subsoil is finished, the sturdy sputum is applied to the shovel, and then watered to sow the seedling; or the sorghum is raised in the soil. Then plant the cover soil and water the seedlings on the cover soil. Both are more labor-saving and the seedling effect is very good. And the use of strong scorpion is more accurate(plastic nursery pots manufacturers).

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(cheap plastic shallow plant trays in bulk)In fact, there are many reasons why rice seedlings do not have roots(105 cell seed starter trays). The optimal growth temperature for rice seedlings is about 25 degrees. Temperatures above 12.5 degrees can begin to grow, and nighttime temperatures are required to be greater than 10 degrees. In the 1.5 leaf stage of rice seedlings, it is best to use the methacrylate or other fungicides.

Below 8 degrees, it may be delayed, and the roots will be necrotic if it is below 4 degrees for a long time. Especially when the soil temperature is too low, the rice seedlings are very susceptible to chilling damage or root necrosis(plug trays wholesale), it is difficult to breed strong seedlings, the packing is not good, and it is also prone to bacterial wilt. Avoid mixing the earthworms with the amount of soil, sometimes the use of strong media, and sometimes the use of strong drugs.

Note: If it is not a water-soluble sputum agent, it should be stopped for more than half an hour(20 cell seed starting trays). The surface of the bed and the surface of the hoe are relatively flat. The temperature of the shed at night is too low, and small blisters can be poured out. The water cannot flow. The amount of water poured on the soil is large. Caused the long leaves of rice seedlings not long roots. It is also prone to bacterial wilt and blight.

However, in the dry bed operation, some seedbeds still have cotton rot(wholesale nursery pots). During the day, the shed temperature is extremely high, the humidity is large, the amount of air released is small, the rice seedlings absorb a large amount of water, and the growth is tender, it is easy to cause the rice seedlings to grow. Therefore, when rice is raised, if the pH of soil and water is high, it is difficult to breed strong seedlings.

(cheap plastic shallow plant trays in bulk)In addition, the rice seedlings are crowded upwards, and the rice seedlings are more likely to grow(104 cell seed starting trays). The soil pH is suitable, which is beneficial to the dissolution and absorption of various nutrients, and the rice seedlings will grow well.  The humidity of the seedbed is too large, the roots are deficient in oxygen, the rooting is difficult, and the packing is unfavorable.

Therefore, rice seedlings must reduce the temperature of the shed during the day, in order to breed strong seedlings, rice seedlings will be well rooted(plastic nursery pots). In the rice seedling stage, the pH value of the soil is required to be 4.5~5.5, in order to grow well, and the rice seedlings are resistant, in order to breed strong seedlings. The rice seedlings are long, the rice seedlings are not strong, and the packing is not good.

Reduce the amount of watering(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), if the pH value of nutrient soil is high, it is not conducive to rice seedling rooting. In the seedling stage, the leaf surface fertilizer is not sprayed, and the root powder is not beaten, and the strong seedlings can be bred(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Rice seedlings are also well-rooted. Therefore, rice seedlings can adjust acidity as much as possible.(cheap plastic shallow plant trays in bulk)

It is beneficial to the growth of rice seedlings, which is conducive to packing and is safe(40 cell seed starting trays). If the sterilization is not complete, rice seedlings will occur, and the packing will not be good. Do another sterilization protection. Prevent the blight of the rice seedlings at the 2nd and 5th leaf stages when the resistance is weakest. Rice seedlings are disease-free, and natural packing is good(black plastic nursery pots).

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