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Because it can not only be cultivated in soil(15 cell trays bulk), but also be propagated by hydroponics, and it will grow well in hydroponic environment as long as the maintenance method is proper. So, how to change the soil cultured turtle back bamboo into water(3 inch succulent pots)? First, take the plant out of the flowerpot, clean the soil on the root system, and then plant it in the water at room temperature.

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Of course, it can also achieve the purpose of viewing leaves and appreciating roots(21 cell trays bulk). The following is the hydroponics method / step of abacus: it is necessary to select a container of moderate size, which has certain requirements. It is recommended to use a thick and stable container to cultivate abacus, so as not to dump the container because the plant branches and leaves grow too vigorously(plastic starter plant pots). After selecting the container, the next step is to inject proper amount of water into the container.

(cheap plastic soil block trays manufacturer)Some branches were cut from the mature trees of Phyllostachys pubescens in soil culture as cuttings(32 cell trays bulk), but the branches with robust growth and bud and air rooting were selected as cuttings, which was the prerequisite to ensure the sprouting root system of plants(one gallon pot). If everything is normal, it is recommended to change the water once a week until a large amount of water at the base of the cuttings roots, indicating that our hydroponics process has been successful.

Insert the cuttings into a container filled with appropriate amount of water(50 cell trays bulk). After the young plants return to normal growth and stability, replace the clear water in the container with the prepared nutrient solution. The nutrient solution can not be dissolved in ammonium nitrogen, and the pH value of nutrient solution should be kept between 6-7(1 gallon pots bulk). After the emergence of flash seedlings, the physiological function of frozen seedlings decreased, and the flower bud differentiation was poor.(cheap plastic soil block trays manufacturer)

In fact, because its stems and leaves are also full of air roots, it can also absorb oxygen from the air(72 cell trays bulk). In summer, the temperature of hydroponics should be lower than 28 ℃, and measures of cooling and moisturizing should be taken. However, due to the low temperature in winter, it is necessary to take measures to replace it and avoid the impact of cold wind(2 gallon pots wholesale). The depth of nutrient solution in the container shall not exceed half of the height of root system to ensure that the upper part of root system can absorb oxygen in the air. 

(cheap plastic soil block trays manufacturer)In fact, in order to prevent the emergence of stiff seedlings, shading and cooling measures should be taken together in summer(98 cell trays bulk), so the protection of warmth and light reception should be done in winter. It is suggested to shake the container frequently to make the oxygen dissolve in the nutrient solution, so as to increase the oxygen content in the nutrient solution(4 inch plastic pots bulk). Try to change the nutrient solution every day in summer and once a week in winter.

Let's get to know(105 cell trays bulk). After transplanting, the adaptation to the environment is slow, the seedlings appear physiological obstacles, root retting and freezing injury, which are also very common in spring seedling raising, we should also pay attention to. The growth and development of seedlings were inhibited(4 inch plastic plant pots). These two diseases were mainly caused by low temperature and high humidity, high sowing density, and excessive watering, which were prone to disease and spread.(cheap plastic soil block trays manufacturer)

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