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If the evaporation is large when the temperature is high, the water is usually poured in 5-7 days(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The thickened secretions appear in the tree trunk near the root of the tree. If you care about the beauty of the flower pot, then it is recommended to use the purple sand pot(4.5inch deep square pots). The yellowed leaves are cut off, leaving only the buds. Remove the wooden stems, do not handle the roots first, and clean the bottom of the soil.

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The fertilization irrigation techniques are summarized as follows: Mainly cultivating and protecting the roots(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), promoting root development and laying the foundation for high yield. Because plants and animals are different, there is no nervous system, no muscles, it does not perceive external stimuli, and mimosa is different from ordinary plants(4.5inch square nursery pots). When it is touched by the outside, the petiole is drooping and the small leaves are closed.

(cheap plastic sowing tray wholesale supplier)Generally, its hometown is in Brazil in tropical South America, where there is often heavy wind and heavy rain(square grow pots). Whenever the first drop of rain hits the leaves, it immediately closes the blade and the petiole sag to avoid the damage caused by the storm. This is an adaptation to adapt to changes in external environmental conditions(3.5inch square nursery pots). When the animal touches it a little, it closes the leaves and the animal does not dare to eat it again.

When the rich tree is infested by pests and diseases, it will also lead to the appearance of rotten roots(large plastic terracotta pots). This action is understood as " Shy, so it is called mimosa, mimosa, afraid of ugly grass. The vascular bundle in the petiole synthesizes a large pipe in the leaf axils to accommodate the water discharged from the leaf axils(2.5inch square nursery pots). This phenomenon is called depolarization. In addition, the mimosa movement can also be seen as a form of self-defense. 

These cells transport negatively charged chloride ions into the cells at rest(cell trays), keeping the cell membrane and adjacent areas at a certain potential difference, called the resting potential. When the external stimulus exceeds a certain limit, the differential permeability changes abruptly, and a positively charged calcium ion floods into the cell, while the potassium ion proceeds in the opposite direction(9.06inch plastic plant pots), even becomes a positive potential, thus generating an action potential.(cheap plastic sowing tray wholesale supplier)

The difference in permeability of the cell membrane disappears(nursery plant pots), so that the water stored in the bubble is instantaneously discharged, causing the cell to lose its swell pressure and become soft. Therefore, when the leaf axils at the base of the petiole are stimulated, the swell pressure of the parenchyma cells in the upper part of the leaf axils is reduced(7.88inch plastic plant pots), while the lower half of the parenchyma cells remain the original swell pressure, causing the small leaves to stand upright along the petiole.

(cheap plastic sowing tray wholesale supplier)The research group of Mimosa's "shame" has uncovered the mystery of mimosa's closed movement: Mimosa cells are supported by tiny(gallon pot), net-like protein "festing eggs" (ie, leaf pillows). When the closing motion occurs, the phosphoric acid of the fetoprotein will fall off, as long as the phosphoric acid does not fall off, it will not change after touching(plastic plant trays wholesale). When the strands of actin are scattered, the cells are destroyed, and as a result, the water runs out, resulting in a closed motion.

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