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Cheap Plastic Sowing Tray Wholesale Suppliers Poland

In order to improve the temperature at night, the straw cover can be properly covered early(162 cell seed starting trays). 5-6 days later. Then, the shed temperature is controlled at 25-28 ℃ in the daytime, 22-18 ℃ in the first half of the night and 18-15 ℃ in the second half of the night(9.06inch plastic plant pots). Results in the later period, the temperature should be 28-30 ℃, but the time of 30 ℃ should not exceed 3 hours. When the outside minimum temperature is above 15 ℃, pay attention to ventilation.

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Realgar has very charming flowers(200 cell seed starting trays). When the green pepper grows to 2-3cm, it begins to top up fertilizer and water, with the water Mu to top up 15kg urea and 10kg potassium sulfate. 50% aphid WP wet powder 2000 times liquid or 21% kill and kill 5000 times liquid spray can be used to prevent and control pests(long life propagation trays). In terms of cultivation and management, various measures of heat preservation and warming should be taken to promote slow seedling growth.

(cheap plastic sowing tray wholesale suppliers poland)The result period is the key period of topdressing(15 cell trays bulk). Because a certain amount of base fertilizer is applied, topdressing is not needed before the result. After that, every time the fruit is picked twice or the water is poured for three times, the fertilizer is applied for 15 kg of urea, 20 kg of diammonium and 10 kg of potash per mu(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). In the result period, foliar topdressing was carried out every 7-10 days, and sodium bisulfite or photosynthetic micro fertilizer was sprayed.

After spring, the indoor temperature rises rapidly(21 cell trays bulk). The main diseases are epidemic disease, virus disease, powdery mildew, soft rot and so on. Or spraying 70% ethylphosphate aluminum manganese zinc at the early stage of the disease can prevent and cure 500 times of wet powder, or 58% metalaxyl manganese zinc can prevent and cure 500 times of wet powder(nursery tray manufacturers). Generally, aphids, mites and whitefly can be used to prevent and control insect pests. 

Basically, no ventilation is allowed(32 cell trays bulk). The air temperature is controlled at 30-32 ℃ in the daytime, 17 ℃ at night, and 35 ℃ in the daytime. In order to raise the temperature of greenhouse, we can also adopt many measures, such as hanging reflective film, two-layer film and inserting arch shed on the plastic film(1.5 gallon nursery pots). In late May, the film can be removed to facilitate ventilation and cooling, and management can be strengthened for summer cultivation.(cheap plastic sowing tray wholesale suppliers poland)

Then the water should be poured when planting, and the water should not be too large(50 cell trays bulk). After 5-7 days of planting, the slow seedling water of green pepper should be poured again (if the water is poured enough and covered with plastic film, the slow seedling water can not be poured). At the end of seedling squatting, it is necessary to pour accelerating fertilizer(1 gallon plastic nursery pots), and apply 10-15kg of ammonium sulfate or urea per mu.

Results in the early stage, water can be poured once every 10-15 days and fertilizer can be applied once every other time(98 cell trays bulk). The management of fertilizer and water should be strengthened in the new vegetable field, and it is not suitable to irrigate with large amount of water(rootmaker propagation trays).  At the initial stage of planting, it is necessary to promote the combination of control and promote the root growth of green pepper, promote early fruit setting and multiple fruit setting.

(cheap plastic sowing tray wholesale suppliers poland)The temperature in the closed greenhouse shall not exceed 35 ℃ without wind(105 cell trays bulk). Now I'd like to introduce a kind of unique bulbous flower in China. It's realgar. It's generally used as a landscape flower in the garden. The timely harvest of realgar should be done when the fruits are fully expanded, shaped, thick flesh, crisp and tender, deep and glossy, pure and fragrant(one gallon pot). Generally, the fruits of green pepper can be harvested 25-35 days after flowering.

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