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It is necessary to start pressing the vines, and press the new soil one time before and after the fruit setting(propagation tray). During this time, the vines and branches and leaves grow very fast, so they should be framed in time and the vines should be put on shelves. At present, 1.5cm bamboo rafts are generally used to form a "herringbone frame" on both sides of the plant(seed starter trays). The intersection of the two bamboo rafts is about 100-130cm away from the glutinous rice.

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After the winter melon is vine, the pruning should be done in time, and the side vines should be removed to make the main vines have sufficient nutrition(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The pruning method includes single vine single melon, double vine single melon, double vine and double melon, etc. The single vine single melon method has the largest single cucurbit weight(nursery plant pots), while the double vine double cucurbit has the highest yield, so the pruning method can be selected according to actual needs.(cheap plastic starter plant pots manufacturer)

Winter melon needs to increase the fruit setting rate by artificial pollination(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If it is pollinated in rainy days, it should be bagged. After the weather is fine, remove the bag. During the growth of winter melon, the amount of water needed is large, but it can not be excessive or suddenly wet. It should be watered appropriately to keep the soil moist, and the water should be drained in rainy days(greenhouse supplies pots). Winter melon should be fertilized before fruit setting, and fertilized according to the situation after fruit setting.

Of course, the form of the frame is diverse, and the space should be effectively utilized in combination with the vine(plug trays wholesale). When the plants grow 15 to 16 true leaves, they should be put on shelves in time. Pollination can be selected from 8 to 9 am, and the male flower stigma is applied to the male flower stigma(plastic grow pots). Old ripe melons are shelf-stable, and they must be cooked 40 to 60 days after fruiting. Harvesting is better when the morning dew is just dry, and avoid peeling the peel when harvesting.

(cheap plastic starter plant pots manufacturer)Each of the three "herbs" is separated into three drums to form a drum stand(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the planting is applied, the base fertilizer is applied, and after the survival, the thin fertilizer is applied to promote the manure, and the fruit is stabilized and then the fertilizer is applied. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are required to be 12 to 14 kg, 6 to 7 kg and 12 to 15 kg, respectively(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Winter melon is harvested and divided into tender melon and old ripe melon. Without tying, the vines are naturally fixed with the vines.

And placed in the stairwell, it is to remove the helium airflow(black plastic plant pots). Fuguizhu can be placed in Wenchang, which contributes to the development of family affairs. Rich bamboos are placed in the nine-color celebration, which is good for weddings, marriages, families and music. Rich bamboo is placed on the table or on the table, which can make people's career flourish(128 cell trays bulk). Some people think that because of the name and meaning of rich bamboo, rich bamboo is a good luck.(cheap plastic starter plant pots manufacturer)

But Fuzhu is placed in a financial situation, which is likely to cause a financial disaster(square nursery pots). The name of Fuguizhu was later added, not because it has a prosperous role. Plants placed in financial condition must be round, large, and thick so they can save money and money. In financial terms, you can't put long-leaf plants, long leaves cause gas leaks, and rich bamboos are plants that belong to slender leaves(162 cell trays bulk). The horizontal bamboo rafts are placed on top of each other to form a dragon and a crossbar.

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