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Lotus roots are planted in most parts of China(greenhouse supplies pots). Do you know that there are several ways to breed lotus roots at the time of planting? Today, Huaguo Xiaobian brings you to the four most commonly used breeding methods. Understand. Tricky reproduction is currently the most commonly used in the cultivation of lotus roots(black plastic plant pots). The important thing is that it has a fast reproduction rate and a high yield. It is also a traditional way of breeding lotus roots.

At the moment of choosing the whole species(1 gallon plant pots supplier), we must choose a strong, no pest and disease, and the child is full of development. However, one drawback is that the amount used is too large, which increases the cost of planting. The most important reason is that the lotus seed has a very hard outer shell and a low sprouting rate(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If lotus seedlings are to be used, it is necessary to stop seed disposal.(cheap plastic starter plant pots wholesale supplier)

After the successful germination, the field cultivation can be stopped(plastic grow pots). Moreover, it has the disadvantage that living in that period is very long, which has a great impact on the economic benefits of lotus root cultivation. The breeding of the scorpion and the breeding of the scorpion are very similar(propagation tray), but it is only based on the scorpion of the whole scorpion to be planted according to Xining, so that a large number of species can be reduced.

Generally, the end of the shell is first broken, and then placed in warm water to soak and germination(square nursery pots). When the fruit grows to the size of the egg, it should be topdressed in time, and the fertilizer can be applied in combination with watering. Lotus seed reproduction is not commonly used in our lives(gallon plant pot). We are all able to stop planting and breeding. There are still many ways to breed lotus roots.(cheap plastic starter plant pots wholesale supplier)

However, if it is cut and planted separately(seed starter trays), its survival rate will be reduced, so we should soak seeds with naphthaleneacetic acid and then stop planting. Top bud reproduction is a new type of reproduction. It is important to stop planting with the main buds or the buds at the top of the scorpion(cell trays). However, we must cut it together with the basal section at the time of preparing the top bud, otherwise the survival rate is extremely low.

In addition, the child has a section, two sections, three sections, and many sections(flat plastic tray). The second is that it must be very careful at the time of planting. First, it must be inserted into the middle of the soft soil, and then covered with plastic film to stop. After the roots of the development of the basal section, it is possible to enter the field transplanting(plug trays). Of course, the survival rate of these methods is not high, and the output is not ideal, so it is rarely used.

(cheap plastic starter plant pots wholesale supplier)Lotus roots are highly adaptable to the situation and attack the grain(wholesale greenhouse pots). To achieve high quality and high yield, and to apply sufficient base fertilizer. Apply 20 yuan of fully decomposed chicken manure, such as adding 100 kilograms of fermented fermented soybean meal or peanut cake fertilizer(gallon nursery pots), the effect is better. With the application of high-quality potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer 150 kg.

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