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Cheap Plastic Starter Trays In Bulk

Wenzhu, everyone is very familiar with it, then do you have such a kind of distress? Wenzhu's growth is too fast(plastic plant trays wholesale), the result is a pile of grass on his head, so few bare poles below, it is very ugly. What if it is broken? In short, it is all kinds of concerns(32 cell seed starter trays)! For Wenzhu, we mainly adopt two kinds of dressing methods, one is to prevent it in the early stage, and the other is helpless pruning. 

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Wenzhu should change the pot once a year, and increase it every year(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Rotate the direction of the flower pot in a timely manner to correct the growth shape of the leaves and keep the plant type unchanged. That is, the cardboard is pressed against the branches or leaves to cover the sunlight, so that when the branches and leaves are growing(72 cell propagation trays), the objects are blocked and the stems are turned or bent to grow, thereby achieving the purpose of modeling.

(cheap plastic starter trays in bulk)How can I be willing to cut it? Select 2-3 high and tall stems as the main peak, remove the growth points on the stem(large plastic terracotta pots), and set the plant height to 30-35 cm. For the new bud, the thickness of the stem can be used to determine whether to remove the growth point. If the stem is thicker than the stem of the main peak, it should be removed(200 cell seed starting trays). If it is thinner than the main peak, it is not necessary to pick it up and let it grow.

At the same time, when the new bud grows to 2~3cm(sureroot plug trays bulk), the growth point is removed, and the branches and leaves can be promoted on the stem, and the vines can be controlled, the branches and leaves are flattened, and the plant shape is continuously full. That is, at room temperature of 15--18 ° C(72 cell plug trays supplier), water is immersed once a week to keep the pot soil moist (preferable by fingers). The remaining branches and newborn stems should not be higher than the main peak.(cheap plastic starter trays in bulk)

At the same time, the plant type which is naturally grown by the bamboo is still used, and the basic methods such as picking up the growth point(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), covering the object and using its phototaxis are used to stretch the branches and leaves, giving a natural beauty. It should be noted that, directly returning to the field(128 cell plug trays supplier), the shaping of the bamboo must be combined with the control of fertilizer and water. No fertilization or less fertilization.

(cheap plastic starter trays in bulk)If you don't change the big pot, you can turn the pot to remove a part of the root(square grow pots), replace the new soil, plant the original pot, pay attention to the stem branch update, and remove the aging stems at any time. Low-yield orchard fertilization is mainly based on a large amount of farmyard manure, and at the same time, it is combined with fertilizers such as nitrogen(32 cell plug trays supplier), phosphorus and potassium.

After the legume green manure crops are turned into soil(wilson garden), a large number of roots, stems and leaves can increase soil organic matter, improve soil physical and chemical properties, and improve soil fertility. This can improve the physical properties of the soil, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, increase the ability of ventilation(seed starting trays supplier), water permeability and fertilizer retention, thereby improving soil fertility.(cheap plastic starter trays in bulk)

Appropriately increase the planting area of legumes(plant start trays wholesale). After the crop is harvested, the straw is chopped and sprinkled on the surface and then pressed with a plow. In addition to the nutrients needed to supplement the crops, the foliar fertilizer is divided into two plots of topdressing, using fully decomposed farmyard manure(128 cell seed trays wholesale). It is also necessary to constantly adjust the shape of the plant by using the object masking method and its own phototaxis. 

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