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The leaves are dark green, without disease and insect spots, and the plant height is 20 to 25 cm(propagation tray). It has 2 to 3 leaves and 1 heart. The root system is developed and the roots are formed. The seedling age of spring is 20 to 25 days, and the seedling age of summer is about 20 days. There are two common barriers to seedling transportation: if the environment is not properly managed, the seedlings are weak and vulnerable(square grow pots). In order to prevent the water loss during the transportation of the seedlings, it is advisable to keep the temperature inside the vehicle not exceeding 25 °C during transportation, so as not to affect the colonization. Slow seedlings.

(cheap plastic starter trays wholesale supplier)The cotyledons are intact and the stems are thick and strong(black plastic plant pots). The use of pesticides should meet the requirements of GB4285 and GB/T8321. Alternate use of pesticides, and strictly follow the safe use of pesticides. Add 30% Dove WP 200g per cubic meter of matrix and covered vermiculite, and spray it with 72.2% of chlorpyrifos hydrochloride 800 times solution at the seedling stage, or use 30% carbendazim cream 1500~ 2000 times liquid(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), seedbed spray or watering control.

After emergence, it is sprayed with 30% more Fu Ke wet powder 1000 times solution(plug trays). Once every 7 days, continuous control 2 to 3 times. It can be sprayed with 25% diflubenzuron suspension agent 2000-2500 times solution or 10% chlorantraniliprole suspension agent 1000 times solution. At the same time, the seedlings can be prevented by reducing the nighttime temperature and humidity, adding light to the cloudy sky(nursery plant pots), increasing the time and intensity of daylighting, and the seedlings should be raised one week earlier than the normal live broadcast.

(cheap plastic starter trays wholesale supplier)Chinese cabbage is a low-temperature long-day plant(cell trays). After 18 to 20 days after sowing, when the seedling grows to 3 to 4 leaves, the roots are tightly wound around the substrate, which can be sold as a commercial seedling. Select 50 holes in spring seedlings and 72 holes in high temperature season. Watering should be carried out in time after operation. When the cotyledons are fully deployed, the seedlings and seedlings should be timely(large plastic terracotta pots). Especially when the temperature is higher than 24 °C at night, it is beneficial to increase the seedlings by grading and transplanting. The uniformity is easy to manage.

Filled with the substrate(gallon plant pot), the Chinese cabbage virus disease can be controlled by spraying with 20% morpholinium hydrochloride and copper wettable powder 500 times. In order to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases during the transportation of seedlings, appropriate bactericide (75% chlorothalonil WP 800 times solution) and insecticide (10% imidacloprid WP 1500 times solution) should be sprayed before storage(plastic plant trays wholesale). The venting holes of the seedling box should be properly set; the seedling tray should be watered before transportation to maintain the proper humidity of the root.

(cheap plastic starter trays wholesale supplier)Increase lighting time and intensity(gallon nursery pots). The main diseases in the seedling stage include rickets, blight, black shank, etc. The main pests are cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, whitefly, aphid, thrips and so on. It is strictly forbidden to use highly toxic, highly toxic, high-residue pesticides and pesticides prohibited by the state in vegetable production(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). It can be sprayed with 25% azoxystrobin suspension 1500 times solution or 68.5% fluoprazamine creamer hydrochloride suspension agent 1000-1500 times.

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