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How to pick the leaves of cabbage? The better pollination tree varieties are emerald, abundant water, etc(bulk 10 gallon pots). it is suitable to mix phosphate fertilizer and then put it into the bottom of the hole(2.5 inch succulent pot). At the same time, artificial pollination should be stopped. Usually, Lycium barbarum should be watered dry and permeable.

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When it is in high temperature and dormancy period in summer(bulk 14 gallon pots), it can be used as potted plant or bonsai for cultivation, which can keep warm and warm to a large extent. It is necessary to prepare in advance, first of all, water it, and Lycium barbarum has a dormancy period of 4 months in winter(gallon flower pots); in summer, Lycium barbarum will also be in a dormancy period of one month at the hottest time in July.(cheap plastic succulent planter tray wholesale suppliers)

The Lycium barbarum in dormancy period is sleeping, and the plant will not grow again(bulk 15 gallon pots). Therefore, during the dormancy period of Lycium barbarum, we should pay attention not to water it, because too much water will affect its dormancy, which will cause the growth of new branches, so it will freeze to death(plastic plant pots price). When watering, we can measure whether the basin soil is dry. If the basin soil is dry, we can water it.

When watering, you can stop watering when you see the soil is slightly wet(bulk 20 gallon pots). Lycium barbarum is a kind of drought resistant plant. It must not accumulate water, otherwise, it will affect the normal growth of the plant if it rots. Moreover, if it is watered too much in winter, the plant will not be able to keep warm and will freeze to death(half gallon planting pots). Keep warm in the first month before winter. Put the potted plants in a sunny place to ensure sufficient light.

(cheap plastic succulent planter tray wholesale suppliers)If it's very cold, you can use plastic film to wrap the pots and plants together, so that you can keep warm(injection molded nursery pots). Wait until the temperature rises and then remove the plastic film. Don't put the plant beside the heating, lest the heating damage the plant, stop the growth of the plant, or die(3 gallon pots wholesale). Control the amount of fertilizer used and supplement reasonably. When Lycium barbarum wants to live through the winter, pay attention to frequent ventilation.

Lycium barbarum disease is prone to powdery mildew(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It can be sprayed with 70% tolbutine 1500 times solution, or it can be sprayed with 50% sulfur powder in the morning when the dew is not dry. In this way, it can be 4-5 days earlier than the normal ripening period and 6-15% higher than the direct harvest at the same time(7 gallon pots wholesale). In winter and low temperature season, the main fertilizer should be alginate, chitin and humic acid.

Especially for old branches, generally, Panza is carried out before germination or after semilignification of sprouted branche(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale)s. In general, the culture soil should be renewed once a year to two years. Most of the pests are aphids, which can be killed by spraying 40% dimethoate 1000 times(large plastic plant pots for sale). If not, we should not water it.(cheap plastic succulent planter tray wholesale suppliers)

With the growth of plants, potted flowers are mainly based on nutrient soil based fertilizer, and the pH value is slightly acid to slightly alkaline(10.5cm plastic grow pots). Specifically, the adaptability of different flower varieties to the pH value should be adjusted. In the later stage of topdressing, attention should be paid to the dosage, which should be subject to a small amount of multiple application(nursery containers for sale), which is conducive to the absorption of root system.

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