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Cheap Plastic Sugarcane Nursery Trays Manufacturer

Many people like its big green leaves, like to see the water drops rolling on the leaves(14 inch plant pot). Small or mini type water keeping dripping Guanyin can be used to decorate desks, computer tables and hand washing tables. The advantage of stem cutting is that the plant loses the advantage of top growth(polystyrene plant trays), so that the base of nutrient accumulation promotes a large number of buds in the root and stem base, which is conducive to propagation speed and reproduction.

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One is to cut the stem from the base of the plant about 5cm away from the excavated surface(288 plug tray); the other is to cut the old stem into branches about 15cm long, which can be planted in the sandy loam after half a day's shade. The growing section at the top, after cutting off all the shaped leaves, is directly put into the basin alone(plant growing containers). After two months of cultivation, a basin of large leaves, closely branched, short, strong and vigorous shaped plants are formed, which are quite elegant indoors.(cheap plastic sugarcane nursery trays manufacturer)

During the cultivation of old plants, due to the wet environment or the early and late water spraying maintenance in summer and autumn(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots), a few new plants (especially on the stem base left after the stem cutting treatment) will occasionally sprout on the old stem, and many air roots will be attached, and the upper pot planting will be broken off from the junction of the daughter plant and the mother plant(cheap garden plant pots). Keep the water clear and sanitary. Otherwise, the stem and root system are easy to rot.

During the cutting period, the water content of the substrate (sand 6:garden soil 4) should be maintained, and the air humidity should be increased, and many thick roots can grow in about 7-10 days(viagrow nursery pots). After being watered in large containers, it is suitable to be placed in a corner of the hall, bedroom and leisure bar(big garden plant pots). Cut the stem from the base of the plant about 5cm away from the excavated surface to promote the root. It is safer to wash it with water or wear plastic gloves.(cheap plastic sugarcane nursery trays manufacturer)

Cutting can be done in spring, summer and autumn(soil block trays). The mixture of river sand and vegetable garden soil with 6:4 cutting medium. During the cutting period, increase the humidity, keep the water content of the substrate sufficient, and grow strong roots in 7-10 days(2.5 inch plant pots). The following is the specific operation method: directly take the basin for planting and plant washing, especially the dripping Guanyin with many branches and beautiful plant shape is the best water nourishing material.

Cutting and cultivation are carried out simultaneously(14 inch plastic plant pots). When the fruit is ripe in autumn, the orange seeds are picked and sown along with the picking to form small plants. Small and medium sized plants are equipped with small and medium sized glasses of various shapes. The wide plants are matched with various kinds of semicircle or fishbowl shaped glass containers(potting pots wholesale). Tall plants with deep, straight glass bottles. The tissue of the stem and root system of Dishui Guanyin is loose. Spray water frequently.

(cheap plastic sugarcane nursery trays manufacturer)Create a relatively cool and humid environment for it. In winter, it is necessary to keep its leaves dark green(14 inch flower pot). In general, it is necessary to spray warm water once a week. If the water level is less than 2 / 3 of the root system, clean the inner wall of the container frequently to avoid moss. The juice in the stems and leaves of Dishui Guanyin is poisonous(4 inch succulent pots). It should be noted in the maintenance management that it is not allowed to enter. Then the skin will cause itching and swelling.

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