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Stolon propagation is a method to obtain complete and independent plants by cutting off the stolon at the right time, which is widely used in strawberry production(bulk fabric pots). It has the following advantages. Stolon propagation is asexual propagation, and the progeny is developed from a part of the vegetative body of the mother plant(teku plastic nursery pots), which can fully adhere to the characteristics of the original variety.

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Leaves grow and adventitious roots occur at the base(heavy duty plastic planters). Therefore, as long as appropriate management is given, such as selecting fertile and loose land, planting robust seedlings, leaving a certain space, giving appropriate fertilizer and water conditions, and taking measures such as removing inflorescence, old leaves and weeding in real time(succulent plant pots bulk), more and better quality stolon seedlings will be obtained.(cheap plastic ten gallon pot wholesale supplier)

The stolon from the mother plant, i.e. secondary stolon, can continue to produce three stolons on the secondary stolon(plastic plant pots outdoor). A mother plant can breed about 100 stolons every year, and a mu of land can breed about 20000-30000 strong seedlings. In the early stage of stolon propagation, the nutrients produced by the mother plant can be used(germination flats), which are generally developed vigorously, with strong vitality and relatively uniform.

This method is only used in the propagation of the varieties with weak stolon ability and strong new stem branching ability(black plant pots plastic). When there are 3-4 irregular spreading leaves and more adventitious roots, the stolon can be cut off to get independent plants. In this way, all strawberry varieties have the ability of stolon(plug tray nursery). It is not easy to infect soil borne diseases, and the seedling period is slow and short. e shading cutting first, and then stop the planting after rooting.

(cheap plastic ten gallon pot wholesale supplier)The specific method of stolon propagation will be described in detail in the later seedling technology(propagation trays wholesale). In addition to stolon, strawberry axillary buds can also form new stem branches and give off adventitious roots at the base. Using this characteristic, at the right time(plastic seedling trays), we can get a complete seedling by breaking off the newly formed new stem branch from the mother plant together with the root, which is called new stem branch propagation method.

The method of mother plant division is easy to operate, but its reproduction coefficient is low(black succulent pot). Generally, only 8-14 new plants can be planted from 3-year-old mother plants in a year. The root system of the seedlings obtained by the new stem division method is less, and the roots of the seedlings have larger wounds, which is also easy to infect soil borne diseases(nursery plant trays). Therefore, the new stem split propagation method is rarely used in production.(cheap plastic ten gallon pot wholesale supplier)

From July to August, dig out the mother plant(black plastic growers pots), cut off the lower black adventitious root and aged rhizome, and break off the new stem branches with more than three leaves in the upper part with the same root. Each new stem should have 4-5 adventitious roots more than 4cm long, and stop the planting immediately after breaking off(gallon planting pots). For the new stem seedlings without roots or with few roots, stop th The treatment after artificial planting is the same as stolon seedling.

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