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There are many reasons that cause the seedlings to die, such as sowing time, sowing temperature, sowing depth, weather, fertilizer damage, disease and so on(seed starter trays). From the perspective of disease, let's talk about it in detail. It is important to observe the roots. There are three kinds of diseases that are easy to infect in the seedling stage of rice, namely, viciousness(7 gallon nursery pots), bacterial wilt and bacterial wilt (according to the different planting areas, the disease incidence will be different).

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These three kinds of diseases can form seedling death, specifically(wholesale nursery pots). After rice is infected with the disease, there are three important reasons: the rice plants infected with the disease will show signs of withering. With the aggravation of the disease, the rice plants will gradually show the situation of dead seedlings. It is a very important symptom for the disease to appear vigorous growth(plastic tree pots). Therefore, some people call the disease "vapid disease".(cheap plastic trade gallon pot manufacturers)

Generally, the diseased rice plant can be about 1 / 3 higher than the diseased rice plant(wholesale greenhouse pots). Observe the root system and there is blackening.Therefore, rooting is not easy to be found, and some of them die within 20-30 days. There are many reasons for the occurrence of rice viciousness(plastic plant pots bulk), such as seeds carried during sowing, residual disease in the field and high temperature and rainy weather, which are all the factors causing the disease.

Therefore, farmers should take prevention and control measures, and suggest that prevention should be given priority to(plastic grow pots). If the disease occurs in the field, spraying chemicals can play a control role. Seed dressing (seed soaking) before sowing is one of the most effective measures to prevent brucellosis(plastic bonsai pots). Carbendazim and prochloraz can be selected as seed soaking agents, and pyrochloril and tebuconazole can be selected as seed dressing agents.

(cheap plastic trade gallon pot manufacturers)If the field has been showing a disease, to real-time control, the sooner the better, the available fungicide carbendazim, prochloraz and so on(flat plastic tray). Rice bacterial wilt is a kind of soil borne disease, which is common in rice seedling stage and affects the abnormal development of rice(5 gallon black plastic nursery pots). It is a very important factor to judge the bacterial wilt that there are mycorrhizal layers in the roots when the plants are densely planted.

The root color of diseased rice plant is brown(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). The roots show rotten symptoms, which eventually lead to the death of seedlings. There are three common reasons for the occurrence of rice bacterial wilt: bacterial wilt is a kind of soil borne disease, and carrying bacteria in the soil is a very important pathogenic factor(cell plug trays). The bacteria will live through the winter in the soil, and start to persecute when the temperature is appropriate in the next year.(cheap plastic trade gallon pot manufacturers)

Have like warm and humid, ventilated environment, the symptom of rice bacterial wilt(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), if only observe the above ground department, no matter it is direct seeding rice or seedling raising, rice viciousness is a disease easy to infect in seedling stage, the occurrence area is wide, many places in the north and south rice areas of our country will be born, another symptom of viciousness is that it will take root, not carefully observed(greenhouse pots), sick The plants are basically the same as the abnormal ones.

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