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Cheap Plastic Tree Pots For Sale China

The present invention relates to a timely harvesting of broad bean sprouts(105 cell seed trays wholesale), including a multi-layer rack, and the utility model discloses a sprouting vegetable harvesting device. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low production cost, and effectively solved by using a stacked structure and a watering irrigation device. The problem of frequent watering in the production process of sprouts, precise time irrigation through the timer(black plastic nursery pots), greatly reducing the frequent manual watering, is conducive to improving the production efficiency of sprouts.

(cheap plastic tree pots for sale china)It comprises four vertical support rods and a horizontal support device for placing a seedling tray(sureroot plug trays bulk), the seedling rack is 400-900 mm long and 220-300 mm wide, and the horizontal support device has at least three layers, between each horizontal support device. The distance is 200-350 mm, wherein the distance between the horizontal support device of the bottom layer and the bottom end of the vertical support rod is 100-200 mm(plug trays wholesale), and the distance between the upper horizontal support device and the upper end of the vertical support rod is 150-300 mm.

It is a high-yield, high-quality and safe production method for mung bean sprouts(200 cell seed trays wholesale). The utility model provides a seedling rack for planting sprouts in a family balcony. The seedling rack of the utility model can be placed on a seedling tray of any kind, conveniently placed on a family balcony for planting sprouts(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and can place more seedling trays for planting different kinds of sprouts, satisfying People need a healthy diet.

(cheap plastic tree pots for sale china)The steps include seed selection; soaking; sowing; management; harvesting(plastic cell trays supplier). The seeds are sterilized and disinfected by warm water soaking, which improves the yield and quality of the sprouts. 1 kg of mung beans can produce 4.5-5 kg of mung bean sprouts, which is more than 25% higher than the existing mung bean sprouts cultivation method. It has high economic benefits. The quality of mung bean sprouts is good(plastic nursery pots), the fragrance is crisp and tender, and it can meet the needs of consumers.

The invention relates to the technical field of vegetable cultivation(32 cell seed trays wholesale), wherein a single group of sprouting greenhouses is arranged by means of a joint with a four-sided grooved post to fix and fix the four-sided and bottom partitions, and insert the drawer Forming a sprouting vegetable planting greenhouse unit, the drawer is a seedbed for planting sprouts, and the central axes of the planting greenhouse units of each group of sprouts are located on the same straight line(wholesale nursery pots), and the greenhouses of each group of sprouting plants are nested and fixed to each other.(cheap plastic tree pots for sale china)

Covering with a red film, the present invention lays a solid technical foundation for promoting the large-scale and standardized production of mung bean sprouts(seed starting trays wholesale). The invention relates to a simple assembled sprout vegetable greenhouse, which comprises a single group of sprouting greenhouse planting unit, characterized in that: the sprouting greenhouse planting unit has the functions of heat preservation and moisturizing, which is beneficial to the growth of sprouts(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and the assembly is simple and labor-saving. The manufacturing cost is very low, which is convenient for large-scale production.

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