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In the long-term artistic practice, accumulated rich cultivation experience, and influenced by the Xin'an School of Painting, the bonsai stump gradually formed a unique artistic style(72 cell trays). According to the "Genealogy of the Hong Family", in the sixth year of Emperor Qianfu of the Tang Dynasty (879), there was a man named Hong Bixin, who was the clerk named Mei Chuang(seed starting trays supplier). The shapes of Huizhou trees are regular and natural.

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These works are upright and bold(large plastic planters cheap), such as towering trees uplifted from the flat ground, and towering ancient trees standing on the cliffs, making the viewer feel the natural scenery concentrated in the pot. Some parts of the branches should be sparse, and some parts of the branches should be dense(plastic plant pots bulk); the first node of the tree has the longest branch, the second node is slightly second, and the third node is more recent... and so on.(cheap plastic tree pots manufacturers united states)

Due to trade exchanges with other places(72 cell trays bulk), many Huizhou-style bonsai stumps flowed into Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places, which had a certain impact on the bonsai skills of these places. Use brown bark, tree tendons and other materials for rough tying and rough cutting, and use tree sticks to insert in the soil as a support to help shape the tree(3.5inch square nursery pots). After the main stem is shaped, the side branches are processed. The twigs are generally not finely processed.

(cheap plastic tree pots manufacturers united states)Others include cypress, podocarpus, boxwood, heather, osmanthus, crape myrtle, southern sky bamboo, June snow, elm, bird plum, yellow wattle, green peach, etc(plastic flower pots wholesale). Among them, plum is the most distinctive, and rare varieties include Luzun, Gulihong and Songchun. It can be seen that the history of planting flowers here has a long history. especially the plum pile, is the most famous(seedling trays wholesale). It used to be as famous as Huimo and was called "Huimei".

There are many kinds of regular styles, which vary from tree to tree(plastic seed trays). The common ones are as follows: "Youlong style": also known as "Zigzag". Processing starts from the young age of the tree, re-pounding once every two years, and rough trimming. The side branches are processed by first tying and then cutting(15cm plastic grow pots). Planting plums in front of you, making plum blossoms to delight yourself." Huizhou bonsai is represented by plum blossoms, Huangshan pine, and juniper.(cheap plastic tree pots manufacturers united states)

In the past 50 years, some bonsai artists have been inspired by the natural tree morphology of Lingnan and absorbed the techniques of the Lingnan school of painting(nursery plant pots wholesale), creating a unique modeling method of "planting branches and stems" that conforms to nature and suits the climatic conditions of the Lingnan region(4.5inch deep square pots), and chooses more The materials with strong germination power have made Lingnan bonsai a great leap, and the artistic level has reached a new level.

(cheap plastic tree pots manufacturers united states)Using this method to cultivate tree stumps is often not beautiful when the trees are small, but after the elders, most of them are strong and old, and the effect is very good(plastic garden pots wholesale). In the Southern Song Dynasty, flowering plums had been cultivated, and by the Ming Dynasty, "flowers and bamboos" and "guifu orchid fragrant" were everywhere, and they were quite prosperous(4.5inch square nursery pots). The bonsai tree stumps in the Flower Selling Fishing Village of She County are mostly regular.

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