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Cheap Plastic Tree Pots Wholesale Suppliers Malaysia

In winter, many flowers have passed their flowering period(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Longevity blossoms for a long time. Therefore, flower friends want to see their longevity flowers blossom in winter and add the same flowers for winter. Warm tone, the following knitting tells you whether longevity flowers can blossom in winter, I hope you all like it(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The answer to this question is yes. Longevity flowers can blossom in winter. As we all know, the annual opening time of longevity flowers is from February to May.(cheap plastic tree pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)

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In the meantime, the flowers of the longevity flowers will be clustered with bright flowers, which look very pleasant(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). The small flowers look like a dazzling star, especially beautiful. First, if you want to make longevity blossom in the coldest winter, the main guarantee is temperature. If the room temperature is higher than 8 degrees C, it can effectively prevent frozen flowers and plants(black plastic nursery pots). The optimum solidification temperature of longevity flower is between 12 and 15 C, so longevity flower can grow normally.

Many friends over-protect flowers in winter(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), worried that flowers will be frozen, so the pot was misplaced in high temperature places such as air conditioning or stoves, which is not conducive to the growth of flowers. The longevity flower is a kind of flower similar to the western flower. When used in winter maintenance, attention should be paid to the light. It is better to place the plant in a relatively light-rich position, and can be directly exposed(plug trays wholesale). In addition, ventilation should be provided to prevent the invasion of pests and diseases.

(cheap plastic tree pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)In winter, the physiological activities of plants are relatively weak, but flowers still need to grow(72 cell seed starter trays). Therefore, many flower friends have misunderstandings when watering. First, if the flowers are open, we must pay attention to the dryness and humidity of the soil. Under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to water once a week in winter. It should be noted that the water temperature is better equivalent to room temperature(wholesale nursery pots), so as to avoid overheating or supercooling of water temperature. In winter, the water requirement of plants is relatively weak.

Many flower friends believe that the larger the pot, the larger the growth space of plants, the better the growth of plants(50 cell seed starter trays), and the flourishing of flowers. For this purpose, smaller plants are planted in larger (extremely uncoordinated) pots and basal fertilizers are applied. It is considered to be one step in place, waiting quietly for flowering. The effect of this method is not very good. The reason is simple(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The larger the pot, the larger the space, the faster the root spreads and grows, and the nutrients are too much.(cheap plastic tree pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)

The reduction of nutrients required for flowering of longevity flowers will inevitably lead to narrowing of leaves(seed propagation trays), reduction of flowering and reduction of flowers. Therefore, the proportion of coordinated flowerpots is more suitable for the growth of longevity flowers. Potted plants in families generally use medium-sized potted plants. After a long summer dormancy period, autumn is the growth period of longevity flowers, so large-scale pruning can be carried out in autumn(plastic nursery pots), making the plant species low and thick, promoting the development of multiple branches. Combining fertilization, plants grow better.

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