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Cheap Plastic V11 Nursery Pots Manufacturers Germany

In recent years, such as larch, Pinus koraiensis, poplar and nuclear tree, the successful experience of all light seedling has been obtained(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In order to ensure the quality of seedlings, the light intensity should be large, and the continuous light intensity of general shading should be 1 / 2-2 / 3. The time of shading should be short(128 cell plant trays bulk). The objects of seedling thinning are those damaged by diseases and pests, damaged by machinery, abnormal growth and poor growth.

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Seedling thinning is generally carried out in 2-3 times, depending on seedling density, growth speed and whether there are diseases and pests(plastic grow pots). The light transmittance before shading, the beginning and ending date of shading, and the duration of shading have significant effects on the quality of seedlings. Conifer species with slow growth can be fixed in the middle of fast-growing stage(105 cell plant trays bulk). It is to cut the roots of seedlings or seedlings growing on the ground with tools.(cheap plastic v11 nursery pots manufacturers germany)

Some of the seedlings that are closely related to the growth are also removed(square nursery pots). Because of the serious differentiation of Robinia pseudoacacia seedlings, a few tall "overlord seedlings" will grow in the trunk, because it will affect the growth of the surrounding seedlings, and can also be dropped. Cutting roots for one-year-old seedlings has a significant effect on promoting the development of root system, and can achieve the same effect as transplanting(flat plastic tray). Depth of root cutting: 8-12 cm at seedling stage. 

Coniferous seedlings are suitable for dense ecological environment, and the thinning time can be later than that of valvular seedlings(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In the seedling stage, the seedlings of over dense and fast-growing tree species such as larch, fir and willow can be intercropped. The seedling setting stage of this kind of tree species can be carried out at the end of seedling stage or the early stage of rapid growth(seed starter trays). If you want to keep super seedlings, you can also keep some.(cheap plastic v11 nursery pots manufacturers germany)

The main purpose is to promote the seedlings to have more lateral roots and fibrous roots, and to achieve the root system development, so as to improve the quality of seedlings and the survival rate of afforestation(plug trays wholesale). Seedling transplanting is generally used for trees with fast growth and transplanting at seedling stage, such as shuttle, black wattle and Paulownia, as well as precious trees with few seeds(72 cell plant trays bulk). Through transplanting, it can promote the growth of lateral roots and fibrous roots.

Most coniferous tree species (such as Korean pine, larch, spruce, Chinese fir, Cryptomeria, etc.) and some broad-leaved tree species (such as poplar, willow, school tree, Paulownia, etc.) can not tolerate the invasion of low temperature and the heat of the ground(plastic nursery pots). When the temperature rises above 30 ℃, the photosynthesis of some plants decreases significantly, and even stops at 40 ℃(wholesale nursery pots). If the time of thinning seedlings is too late, the quality of seedlings will be obviously reduced.

(cheap plastic v11 nursery pots manufacturers germany)The purpose of root cutting is also called root cutting(black plastic nursery pots). Cutting roots for seedlings is a kind of tree species with developed main roots, such as walnut, chestnut, probe, etc., which limits the growth of its main roots and promotes the multiple side very and frequent roots(wholesale greenhouse pots). For example, the survival rate of the seedlings of lemon school is higher when they grow two true leaves, while that of black wattle is better when they grow four to five true leaves.

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