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According to observation(21 cell propagation trays wholesale), when planting, dig out the fungus bed, first dig out the upper layer of fungus holder, put the hemp in the middle, then put the upper layer of fungus in the original place (the original stick should not be disordered) close to the fungus rod and put the hemp in place(plastic seedling trays), which can be sprinkled with 20g superphosphate, fill the gap soil and cover the soil with the ground. 

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How should we determine the amount of fertilizer applied to persimmon(32 cell propagation trays wholesale)? That is, 0.5% - 1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate aqueous solution or a layer of superphosphate powder, the dosage of each kiln is 20-30g, cut off the leaves, weigh the quantity sample, and prepare for spreading(1/2 gallon nursery pots). In other words, the pure Armillaria mellea and the sterile fresh stick were cultivated by hand, and the hemp was planted in the cellar at the same time.(cheap plastic v12 nursery pots manufacturers sa)

The amount of bacteria used was 8-9 bottles per square meter, and the hemp was planted at 1.5kg(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). (3 pits per m2). Wash the graded Gastrodia with water respectively, do not rub the mud away, and wipe the mud with hand light. Autumn is the best season when a small number of Gastrodia elata extract the aboveground stems and bloom(1 gallon pots bulk). Generally, the lower layer should be placed first, and the pit bottom should have a slope of 10-15 degrees along the mountain direction to facilitate water passing.

The Black Loose Soil of the broad-leaved forest on the mountain (the old base of firewood) is used as the backfill(98 cell propagation trays wholesale); the fertilizer black mud on the flat ground can also be used as sawdust, or the soil can be added with rice husk, and then the bacterial bed can be restored to its original state, the sifter can be bagged for standby, and the processing treatment shall be carried out on the same day of washing(15 gallon nursery pots), and the one that is too late for processing shall not be washed.

(cheap plastic v12 nursery pots manufacturers sa)Farmers often see the phenomenon of yellow leaves in peanuts(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). In fact, it can be solved by skillfully applying iron fertilizer to the yellow leaves of peanuts. Let's take a look at how to prevent and control yellow leaves of peanuts by applying iron fertilizer skillfully(1 gallon pots wholesale). In persimmon Book planting, persimmon trees are slow to respond to fertilization and have great endurance to lack of fertilizer. This method is used to connect the fungus Fast, high rate of bacteria, high yield.

Persimmon trees have the characteristics of "next year fruit" and physiological fruit dropping(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). In order to increase and reduce the annual yield, it is necessary to apply sufficient fertilizer and make the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium appropriate(10 gallon plastic plant pots). Compared with the chlorosis caused by nitrogen and zinc deficiency in peanut, iron deficiency chlorosis is characterized by no obvious change in leaf size and significant chlorosis and yellowness.(cheap plastic v12 nursery pots manufacturers sa)

The total amount of nitrogen(162 cell propagation trays wholesale), phosphorus and potassium absorbed by the newly formed parts (including leaves, fruits, 1-year-old branches, branches, roots, etc.) of a persimmon tree with 6-year-old and 35.5kg-bearing fruit is 213.64g-n, 57.61g-p (P2O5), 183.15g-k (K20), respectively, and the ratio of the three elements is 1:0.27:0.86(128 cell plug tray). Therefore, persimmon growth can be promoted by fertilizing persimmon trees in autumn, trimming terraces and thickening active soil layers.

The symptoms of yellow leaf in peanut are as follows: when iron deficiency occurs, the upper part of the young leaves loses green(200 cell propagation trays wholesale), while the lower part of the old leaves and veins remain green; when iron deficiency is serious, keep the lower layer of fungus still, only time to shovel a small hole in the middle of the lower layer of fungus with a small shovel, the veins lose green and then turn yellow, and the upper new leaves turn white(10 gallon nursery pots), with brown spot necrosis, dry and falling off.

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