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Fennel is a plant variety that combines spice function and medicinal value(72 cell plug trays supplier). I used to plant fennel in my family for a few years before, but later I felt that fennel was too cumbersome, especially when I was busy harvesting fennel, so I gave up fennel and replaced it with corn and wheat(small plastic hanging baskets). But now the prospect of fennel is good. Generally, many friends are asking about the technology of fennel cultivation.

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The fennel we grow here is generally divided into spring and autumn. Before planting fennel, apply bottom fertilizer first(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The base fertilizer is mainly fully rotten farm fertilizer, supplemented with chemical fertilizer. If it is sold in a wholesale market, it will usually be harvested in the evening. Its leaves are like petals that surround it in a circle(greenhouse trays and pots). It is most suitable for spring and autumn cultivation. Among them, autumn is the most suitable.(cheap plastic v14 nursery pots suppliers usa)

Sown in late March-early April, harvest in mid-May-June, early autumn sowing in late July-early August, and mid-September-October harvest(sureroot plug trays bulk). If it is planted in summer, too high temperature will affect the growth of fennel, so it is generally not chosen to plant in summer. If it is planted in a greenhouse, it can be planted all year round(110mm plastic grow pots). Fennel has low requirements on soil, and can be planted wherever the soil is loose, watering, and drainage is convenient.

(cheap plastic v14 nursery pots suppliers usa)After fertilizing, deepen the soil and level the ground, and then you can plant(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Because the seeds of fennel are particularly small and light, it is not easy to sprinkle evenly. When we plant fennel, we will divide the ground into N medium-sized cormorants, and sprinkle an appropriate amount of fennel seeds according to the size of the coriander(4 gallon plant pot). After the fennel seeds are sprinkled, the fennel seeds are repeatedly mashed with a tool.

The fennel is inseparable from water during the growth process, and timely replenishes water at the seedling stage and leaf sheath expansion stage of fennel(blow molded nursery pots). We usually eat fennel seedlings here, so when the fennel seedlings grow to 20-30 cm in length, we must harvest them. The next morning, it will be sold in the wholesale market(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). This can reduce the water consumption of fennel and keep the fennel in a good condition when it is sold.

Wuta is a type of cruciferous vegetable, so it grows almost against the ground(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Spinach is a representative of northern winter vegetables. Friends who almost like to grow vegetables will grow a slice of spinach. Its frost resistance is very strong, and it can survive the winter in a dozen degrees below zero, and harvest the first green leafy vegetables in spring(propagation trays for cuttings). If you build a small plastic shed for winter, you can eat from winter until spring.(cheap plastic v14 nursery pots suppliers usa)

I will explain to you below(bulk 10 gallon pots). At this time, the weather is cool and the time is short. The coriander grown is fragrant and not bitter, and the taste is crisp and tender. The most important point is that the coriander is resistant to cold. Coriander planted in autumn is detained in a small shed in winter(12cm plastic grow pots). Although it does not continue to grow, it does not freeze and die, which is equivalent to long-term storage. There is a coriander planted in the winter to eat.

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