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This is the most common problem. Basically, as long as the leaves are yellow, the water will occupy one(cell trays). First, put the flower pot in a cool place, strictly control the watering, and if the potting soil is not very dry, remember not to water. At the same time, the soil should be loosened, the soil should be ventilated, and the ventilation of the soil should be improved(greenhouse supplies pots). Jasmine likes acidic soils, so if the soil is alkaline, the discomfort of jasmine will be reflected on the leaves.

(cheap plastic v15 nursery pots wholesale supplier)Especially long-term use of tap water or other alkaline water is very easy to make the soil alkaline(propagation tray). First, ferrous sulfate can be applied, usually with a ferrous sulfate 1: (100-200) aqueous solution. The second is to use vinegar, vinegar must be rice vinegar, once every 15 to 20 days, or add 250 to 300 times the water before 8 am, or after 5 pm spray the foliage(plastic grow pots). Spray once every 10 days and spray 3 to 4 times to turn the leaves from yellow to green.

Jasmine is naturally yellow because of lack of nutrients(gallon nursery pots). For the jasmine flower, the soil can be used with relatively fertile humus, such as pine needle soil. Excessive fertilization will cause burnt roots, which will naturally cause the yellow leaves of jasmine, while the fertilization is too little, and the jasmine will also yellow leaves(square nursery pots). If there is too much fertilization, you can increase the amount of water to dissolve the concentrated fertilizer when watering, or you can take it out in a large container for about 1 minute while watering.

(cheap plastic v15 nursery pots wholesale supplier)The principle of thin fertilizer and more application, less fertilization at one time(plug trays). Fertilizers can choose light micro-acidic inorganic fertilizer into fully fermented rice water, noodle soup, chicken and duck fish belly. It is also good to ferment and decompose the fried bones and the remaining bones(seed starter trays). When fertilizing, take a certain amount of fertilizer to use with a certain amount of water. But now it is in the fall, it is best not to fertilize jasmine.

In addition, do not fertilize jasmine in winter, watering will die, let alone fertilizing? Jasmine is not cold-resistant(black plastic plant pots), too low temperature will lead to jasmine yellow leaves, so the northern flower friends should pay special attention. Generally, jasmine grows slowly when it is below 10 °C, and enters the dormant period. When the temperature (room temperature) is lower than 3-5 °C, the physiological function of jasmine is destroyed(flat plastic tray); when it drops to 3 °C, it will cause the whole plant. death.

(cheap plastic v15 nursery pots wholesale supplier)Before the arrival of heating, pay attention to the warmth of jasmine(gallon plant pot)! You can also add plastic film or move it to a place with high temperature for maintenance management. We often hear a sentence called "Jasmine that does not die." The growth of jasmine requires a lot of light(wholesale greenhouse pots). If the jasmine is placed in a place that is not exposed to sunlight for a long time, the leaves of jasmine will soon turn yellow. Put your home's jasmine into the sun and get a full sunbath!

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