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Cheap Plastic V16 Nursery Pots Suppliers UAE

Spring crickets were selected for transplanting in sunny and warm weather in early March(bulk 15 gallon pots). If a greenhouse is used to maintain the temperature in the shed, it can be cultivated early. , The tip of the hoe is exposed to the mud, and the angle is about 20 ° with the soil(nursery supplies pots). The lotus root in the greenhouse is cultivated with high density, the row planting distance is 1 ~ 1.5m × 0.8 ~ 1m, and the seed amount is 400 ~ 500kg per 667m2.

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Xia Xuan digs and springs while spring hoeing(seed starting trays). In the early floating leaf stage of Hunchun, the main purpose is to seal and heat preservation. Generally, the film is not exposed. In case of cold current, it should be properly irrigated with water. Properly ventilate the standing leaves(nursery tray manufacturers). The standing leaves are drawn to 5 ~ 10cm before sealing, and the sealing is till 10 ~ 20cm of crusting stage and 5 ~ 10cm of crusting stage.(cheap plastic v16 nursery pots suppliers uae)

In sunny and hot weather, the temperature in the shed is higher than 35 ° C, ventilation should be timely to prevent high temperature injury(bulk 20 gallon pots). During the second leaf opening period, two shed membranes were opened every day to ventilate the seedlings(7 gallon plastic pots). After the third vertical leaf was unfolded, as the outside air temperature increased, one side of the film was opened to ventilate and cool down during the day, and the film was kept warm in the evening.

Hunchun is harvested from late May to mid June when many terminating leaves appear in the field(injection molded nursery pots). In the early stage of transplanting, the summer temperature is high, and shading and heat insulation can be used to prevent high water temperature and inhibit weed growth(90mm plastic grow pots). The water layer of spring pupae is kept at 3 ~ 5cm from the planting stage to the germination stage. The main pests are aphids and Spodoptera litura.

(cheap plastic v16 nursery pots suppliers uae)The film was removed after the temperature stabilized above 20 ° C in mid-April(seed starter trays). Spring hoe is usually topdressed 3 times, and the first time when 1 to 2 leaves are used, 15 to 20 kg of urea is applied every 667m2. For the second time, 20 to 25 kg of compound fertilizer was applied every 667 m2 before the line was closed(seed cell trays). Aphids can be alternately controlled with 70% Aimele EC 4000 times and 10% nitenpyram AS 2000 times.

For the third time(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale), 20 to 30 kg of compound fertilizer and 5 to 10 kg of potassium sulfate were applied every 667 m2 when the terminating leaves appeared, and then the irrigation was restored to the original water level. Choose sunny and windless weather, do not do it at noon(10cm plastic grow pots). Remove the diseased plants in time, take them out of the field for destruction, and apply quick lime to the diseased cave and its surroundings.(cheap plastic v16 nursery pots suppliers uae)

Put the Asada water into the soil before fertilizing, and let the fertilizer inhale into the soil(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The medicine can be controlled by 98% of oxamidazole SP 3000 times, 30% of anisole triazole EC 1500 times, and 50% of ammonium manganese salt WP 1500 times(large outdoor plastic plant pots). In the initial stage, 50% of mancozeb zinc WP 500 times, 30% of difenoconazole EC 1500 times, and 50% of prochloraz manganese salt WP 1500 times were used for prevention and control.

(cheap plastic v16 nursery pots suppliers uae)You can also use the above medicines to mix the medicinal soil and spread it in the whole field in 1 to 2 standing leaf stages and 5 to 6 standing leaf stages(15 cell propagation trays wholesale). Spodoptera litura, during the period of egg hatching to the peak of the 1st and 2nd instar larvae, can be alternately controlled with 5% of the EC 1,000 times and 20% chlorantraniliprole SC 2,000 times(10.5cm plastic grow pots). In late May, control water and growth, and promote the expansion of new tadpoles.

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