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Cheap Plastic V9 Nursery Pots Factory Lebanon

The white polystyrene foam disk has good reflectivity(soil block propagation trays), and it is mostly used for early seedling growth in summer and autumn to reflect light and reduce heat accumulation at the root of the seedlings. Because of its good absorbency, the stronger the ability of water regulation, the better the permeability, Seedlings of moderate degree(50 cell propagation trays wholesale), which is conducive to the development of seedling roots, the seedling roots are green. favorable.

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The size of the hole depends mainly on the planting crop(best microgreen trays). The types of vegetables that factory nursery mainly targets include tomatoes, spicy (sweet) peppers, grafted cucumbers, grafted eggplants, and grafted watermelons. According to different plant species and varieties, choose the appropriate hole specifications, in order to better take into account the economy and seedling effects(32 cell propagation trays wholesale). In winter and spring, the black seedling tray is selected.(cheap plastic v9 nursery pots factory lebanon)

The fewer the number of holes in the nursery plug tray, the larger the grid volume of each hole(lavender plug trays wholesale), the more the substrate, the greater the accumulation of water and nutrients, but The number of seedlings is small, the cost will increase, and the economy is relatively poor; commonly used seedling trays can be divided into polystyrene foam trays and plastic trays according to different materials(v10 plastic pots). As the name implies, a plug tray is a tray with many holes.

Choosing the proper number of holes in the seedling raising process has a very important effect on the effect of raising seedlings(succulent propagation tray). On the contrary, the more the number of holes, the smaller the volume of each hole, the root system of the plant will not spread, and it is sensitive to water and fertilizer, which will affect the seedling raising effect(wholesale 1 gallon nursery pots). But the number of holes can raise the number of seedlings, the economy is relatively stronger, of which plastic trays are more widely used.

(cheap plastic v9 nursery pots factory lebanon)Therefore, be sure to carefully select the number of holes in the plug tray before raising seedlings(plastic nursery pots suppliers)! A hole means a hole. Because it is often used for plant seedlings, it is also called : Seedling plug tray. Plug tray nursery technology is a modern nursery technology using peat, vermiculite and other light substrate soilless materials as the nursery substrate, mechanized precision seeding(15 cell propagation trays wholesale), one hole and one grain, and one-time seedling formation.

How to choose a good number of holes(plastic plant pot suppliers), different people have different experiences, and the recommendations will be different, but the general direction is mainly based on seed size, plant type, variety, nursery environment, nursery season and the desired nursery effect set. Because it is mainly indoor nurseries such as greenhouses(21 cell propagation trays wholesale), most growers choose to use black square hole plates, which have good light absorption and are more conducive to the development of seedling roots.

According to the purpose of your nursery, if you sow on the plug tray, you can choose 200 or 288 holes(plastic plant pots manufacturers); if you use the plug tray to grow seedlings, choose 32, 40, 50 holes for the seedlings with larger growth capacity; or 72 or 128 holes for the first transplantation. The seed size of flower seedlings varies, and the difference between plants of different varieties is also relatively large(11cm plastic grow pots), so it is relatively difficult to select the plug tray when raising seedlings.(cheap plastic v9 nursery pots factory lebanon)

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