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In a word, the main way of garden trees' beauty is to give full play to their natural features(seed plug trays wholesale), that is to say, they should fully reflect the natural beauty and plant configuration should be in accordance with the nature. The artificial trees should only start to act in the garden(105 cell seed starting trays). Therefore, in management, it is impossible to carve and spend too much manpower except for key areas and near the main scenery.

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This requires the correct selection and arrangement of tree species(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), so that they can adapt to local conditions in terms of biological characteristics and artistic effects, and give full play to their strengths and typical beauty. With the change of plant phenology, the form, color and scene of plants are different, the natural configuration mode should be adopted(50 cell seed starting trays); which cause the seasonal change of landscape.(cheap plug plant trays manufacturers france)

For example(32 cell seed starting trays), in planning and design, garden trees can be arranged in different areas or sections to highlight the plant landscape of a certain season and form different seasonal features, such as spring flowers, summer shade, autumn color, winter posture, etc. Therefore, in plant configuration(72 cell seedling trays wholesale), we should make full use of the change of plant phenology, and form a garden art landscape with four seasons characteristics through a reasonable layout.

(cheap plug plant trays manufacturers france)For example, in order to meet the specific functional requirements of urban comprehensive park(gallon pot), the tree species with beautiful crown shape and dense branches and leaves should be selected in the selection of tree species; generally speaking, the row planting in the regular configuration should also be used in the configuration mode(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). The garden green space in the society usually has a large area and requires a large number of visitors. 

In the main scenic spots or key sections, it is necessary to have a view in four seasons(square grow pots); in the areas with a view in a certain season, it is also necessary to consider the allocation of other seasonal plants, so as to avoid monotonous or no view after a season. Firstly, the acid or slightly acid soil with deep soil layer, medium fertility(128 cell seedling trays wholesale), low groundwater level, good drainage, sunny ventilation and relatively high organic matter content is selected for planting.

In the regular garden green space(plastic plant trays wholesale), we should adopt the regular configuration methods such as center planting, opposite planting, row planting, ring planting, fence planting, flower bed and flower stage; in the natural garden green space, we should adopt the natural configuration methods such as solitary planting(162 cell seed starting trays), cluster planting, group planting, forest planting, flower cluster, natural flower fence and grassland.(cheap plug plant trays manufacturers france)

In general, the regular configuration mode is usually adopted on both sides of the gate(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), on both sides of the main road, around the plastic square, near large buildings, etc.; in the environment of the lawn, the edge of the pool, the top of the hill, the edge of the natural landscape forest, etc.(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), According to the local rules and natural degree of the mixed green space, the regular or natural configuration can be adopted respectively. 

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