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In the past two years, the yield of soybean is generally low, and a large number of flowering is also seen in the flowering period of soybean(nursery plant pots). However, when the soybean is mature, there are more signs of pods and seedless, and there are more signs of empty shells of chaff seeds(plug trays wholesale). What is the reason for the signs of whether the soybean has flowers and seeds? Is there any way to avoid them?

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There are five reasons for this kind of situation in general: the temperature in the period of soybean grain filling has been low as far as possible(seed starter trays), which seriously affects the rate of grain filling, thus inducing the pods to be false. In addition, excessive nitrogen fertilizer, shade in the field, high plant height, long internode, excessive nutrition development(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), few flowers and pods, forming empty pods and half shriveled pods, and the maturity period is delayed.

(cheap polystyrene plug plant trays manufacturer)For example, during the development period of soybean, there are more rainwater(square nursery pots), or long-term drought, serious water shortage, high or low temperature will reduce the photosynthesis of soybean, increase the respiration, produce less materials, consume more materials, and form soybean pods but not solid. Lack of boron can induce soybean pods to be false(propagation tray). Boron is an important trace element to promote the formation and development of soybean pods.

 Let's help our farmers analyze today(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Although the continuous cropping, soil hardening, excessive nitrogen fertilizer, weak grass seedlings and excessive density will generally affect the ventilation and light transmission of soybean plants, thus weakening photosynthesis and causing pods to be false(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Pods and no seeds are common signs of soybean development, which seriously affect the quality and yield of soybean.

However, the selection of suitable for local planting, drought and waterlogging resistance(black plastic plant pots), anti lodging and disease resistance, high quality, medium early maturity and low varieties to stop planting. Proper planting structure can effectively reduce the occurrence of soil borne diseases and insect pests(36 cell trays bulk), avoid the single consumption of soil nutrients, and adhere to the ecological balance and sustainable utilization of soil resources.(cheap polystyrene plug plant trays manufacturer)

In this principle, we should try our best not to plant again, but to cut the pods(plastic grow pots). The suitable sowing date of summer soybean is June 5-15. If it is late maturing variety, it should be sown after June 20. Follow the principle of "appropriate application of nitrogen fertilizer, increased application of organic fertilizer, combined application of phosphorus, potassium and micro fertilizer"(40 cell trays bulk), apply fertilizer scientifically and adhere to nutrition balance.

(cheap polystyrene plug plant trays manufacturer)If sufficient fertilizer and water cause the plants to grow vigorously(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), the control agent should be sprayed on the leaves at the initial flowering stage, which can reduce the plant height, avoid falling off of flowers and pods, and reduce the rate of empty blight(40 cell tray in bulk). 0.5-1kg urea or 0.2-0.3kg potassium dihydrogen phosphate + 100g borax can be used, and then 60kg water can be used as foliar spray, the yield increase effect is obvious.

In addition, it can spray foliar fertilizer skillfully at flowering and grain filling stage, which can promote flowering and podding, and promote plumpness of seeds(greenhouse supplies pots). If it is sown too early, it will blossom early, and it will form old seedlings and vigorous seedlings. Summer soybean should be sown in proper time(51 cell trays bulk). Of course, the virus disease of soybean in summer and autumn makes the leaves shrink, and the young pods are also deformed and untrue. 

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