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In order to raise orchids, you must first understand it(wholesale greenhouse pots), understand it, and fully grasp the physiological characteristics and growth patterns of orchids. According to its characteristics and laws, taking corresponding measures can get twice the result with half the effort, otherwise the results will be unsatisfactory(gallon plant pot). What kind of fertilizer should be applied in the vegetative growth period, what kind of fertilizer should be applied in the breeding season, what kind of grass can eat fat, what kind of grass should be kept, and the concentration of fertilizer solution is very important.(cheap pot cover wholesale supplier)

In addition, it is a disease period(flat plastic tray). Due to the lack of certain nutrients, orchids will have a certain degree of disease. At this time, fertilizer should be applied according to the situation. Orchid fertilization is mainly based on organic fertilizer, supplemented by inorganic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is mainly excrement of human and livestock(gallon nursery pots). After dilution as a common organic fertilizer, the advantage of organic fertilizer is that the nutrient composition is balanced, while inorganic fertilizer is often called chemical fertilizer, and the nutrient composition is single and relatively targeted.

In addition, the main role of nitrogen fertilizer is to promote the growth of stems and leaves, so that the foliage flourishes(seed starter trays). When the orchid is deficient in nitrogen, the main manifestation is that the leaves are yellow and even the stems are yellow. The main role of phosphate fertilizer is to promote the growth of roots and promote the growth of sprouts. The role of potash is to make plants grow stronger and to enhance the disease resistance of orchids(black plastic plant pots). If germination is used to promote the growth of new shoots, it is generally used in spring.

(cheap pot cover wholesale supplier)Organic fertilizer must be decomposed, human and animal excrement can not be used directly(plastic grow pots), page fertilization should not be carried out in the morning, but in the evening or in the dark. Fertilization is a risky move in the management of orchids. If you want to fertilize and want to prevent fertilizer damage, please keep the following four points: If you are too late, don't overdo it(plug trays). Because the amount of fertilizer is slightly insufficient, it can still receive the corresponding effect, and too much excess is difficult to escape the fatal injury.

There is a lot to learn inside(square nursery pots). Pay attention to the time of watering, avoid watering at the noon and pour it at the head, because at this time, the buds just put the leaves soon, some Lan friends "have a heart and flowers," I thought - an important reason is improper watering, flexible grasp(cell trays). Old, weak, sick plants do not apply, in the heat, in the cold, in the rainy weather, as well as the orchids just down the mountain and the blue plants that have just changed the basin for half a month, absolutely can not be fertilized.(cheap pot cover wholesale supplier)

The various fertilizers should be used interchangeably to ensure the completeness of the fertilizer(greenhouse supplies pots), and the complete fertilizer can germinate and bloom more. Do not use a single fertilizer. Fertilizing orchids is a science, a study, not serious study, active exploration, careful consideration, and in-depth study(propagation tray). The blue strain will grow stronger and stronger, and it will surely make the orchids refreshing and pleasing, adding endless fun, thus truly achieving the purpose of cultivating the mood and prolonging life.

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