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Cheap Propagation Seed Trays Wholesale Suppliers Latvia

How to put flowers and plants indoors? Many flowers can be used to beautify the environment and clean the air(seed planting trays wholesale). However, if some flowers are raised at home, they will become the source of the disease, or become the "killer" of relapse of old diseases and aggravation of old diseases. Therefore, the staff of the staff of the decoration network suggested that the flower must be understood before the flower cultivation(plastic nursery pots), in order to prevent the flowers from raising, the body will go wrong. Mimosa, cloves, violets, and irises should not be raised indoors.

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(cheap propagation seed trays wholesale suppliers latvia)The floral aroma of these flowers will make the throat congestion and feel paralyzed(18 cell plug trays supplier), and it will cause some damage to the voice, and it will make the scorpion hoarse. Lilac, orchid, lily, night scent, etc. should not be raised in the bedroom. The aroma of these flowers is too strong, it is easy to make the nerve center of the human body excited, long-term can cause dizziness, and even cause insomnia, which has extremely adverse effects on patients with hypertension and heart disease(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Tulips - their flowers contain a toxic base that can accelerate the hair if it is in contact with it for too long.

Oleander - its scent, which makes people sleepy for a long time(20 cell plug trays supplier), and is exposed to the secreted lotion, which is also easy to poison. Rose flowers - the aroma is depressing, making you chest tight and even breathing difficult. It is not advisable to put flowers in the bedroom at night. Most of the flowers absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis during the day, and at night, the opposite is true(black plastic nursery pots). Therefore, it is best not to put flowers in the bedroom at night, even if it is released during the day, it should be removed to the outside at night to avoid affecting people's health.

(cheap propagation seed trays wholesale suppliers latvia)Orchids, sassafras, cactus, and prickly pears can be placed in the bedroom at night(40 cell plug trays supplier). Although most of the flowers are not suitable for the bedroom at night, the exceptions are orchids, silk flowers, cactus, and prickly pears, which release oxygen at night and moisten the air. Conclusion: After all, the living room is a place to rest, it is best not to put too much flowers and plants indoors(plug trays wholesale). There are indeed flower-loving hobbies. For the health of the family, you can choose to go to the balcony or the rooftop.

For the watering of foliage plants(104 cell plug trays supplier), we should also master the principle of “not to dry, not to pour, and to pour through”. However, in the summer, in addition to watering the pots, it is necessary to spray water on the leaves to keep the leaves moist, which is good for growth. In winter, many foliage plants come from tropical and subtropical regions and like warmth. Therefore, there should be less watering to prevent yellowing, poor growth, and even death symptoms caused by low water temperature and water(seed starter trays). In this case, the plants should be quickly moved to the illuminated area and rotated at 90 degrees to evenly spread the leaves.

(cheap propagation seed trays wholesale suppliers latvia)The potted plants can be used in plastic pots, mud pots, purple sand pots, etc.(105 cell seed trays wholesale), but the mud pot is better, because it has good ventilation and water permeability, which can make plants grow lush. However, the aesthetics and weight are not satisfactory. Nowadays, the plastic basins are usually colored in the clay pots or plastic pots. The sleeves outside the pots are commonly called "sets of pots". They are more beautiful and generous(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). For foliage plants, fertilize once a month or so, up to 15 days. It should be light and thin, not thick. Fertilization should be stopped in winter and on hot days.

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