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Cheap Propagation Tray Suppliers Trinidad and Tobago

When raising seedlings, if the temperature is high(deep plug trays), the seedlings are too dense to cause the seedlings to grow, or the seedlings grow poorly at low temperatures, which are prone to disease. Insufficient light, poor ventilation, weak growth of seedlings, and prone to disease, severe disease in years of continuous cropping(teku plant pots). Before the cotyledons are wilted, the roots of the seedlings become lodging called damping-off.

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Control measures: strengthen cultivation management, cultivate strong seedlings, and improve disease resistance(10 x 20 propagation tray). The seedbed should be fully decomposed with fertilizer, and the bottom water should be sufficient. Avoid watering the seedlings immediately after emergence, or watering the seedlings as soon as they are inserted(small square plastic plant pots). In the later stage of the disease, tiny black particles can be seen on the surface of the lesion.(cheap propagation tray suppliers trinidad and tobago)

Chemical control(mini plastic terracotta pots). In the early stage of the disease, spray 700-800 times liquid of 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder, or 400-600 times liquid of 80% ethyl phospho-aluminum wettable powder, spray once every 10 days, and spray 2 to 3 times continuously. Seedling sparse disease and wilt disease are one of the common diseases of flowers(nursery supplies plastic pots). Watering should be controlled at ordinary times and the soil should not be too wet.

(cheap propagation tray suppliers trinidad and tobago)The pathogen lurks in the soil(bulk bonsai pots), immerses in the lower leaves with the rain splash, spreads rapidly upwards, the damaged leaves first appear black spots, and then gradually expand into a round or elliptical shape, connecting into pieces. Humidity is an important condition for the epidemic of the disease, and the onset is usually rapid in the rainy season from July to August(greenhouse nursery pots). The planting density and flowerpot placement density should be appropriate.

The control measures are as follows: It is best to reduce the source of infection(1 gallon tree pots). The common symptoms of this kind of disease mainly include the following three types: seeds or unearthed sprouts, which are infected by pathogens, causing rot in the soil; before the unearthed seedlings are not lignified, water-stained lesions at the base of the young stems(15 gallon pots for sale), The diseased part overflows and shrinks, browns, and rots, and the disease spreads rapidly.(cheap propagation tray suppliers trinidad and tobago)

After autumn(plastic nursery pots bulk), the diseased and dead leaves of the wreath are completely removed, combined with winter pruning and cut off the diseased branches, and burned together to reduce the source of overwintering bacteria. disease bacteria live through the winter on diseased leaves and branches with hyphae or conidia(15 gallon black plastic pots). Chemical control. Spray 1:240 Bordeaux mixture before the onset of the disease, which has a preventive effect on black spots.

(cheap propagation tray suppliers trinidad and tobago)Improve cultivation conditions and control the occurrence of diseases(buy plastic flower pots online). Prune in early spring to make it ventilated and light and reduce humidity. Never spray water on the leaf surface in order to keep the leaf dry. Sometimes the mesophyll tissue around the diseased spot turns yellow in a large area, and the diseased leaf is easy to fall off(greenhouse pots for sale). Starting from May, spray the Bordeaux mixture of 1:100~200 every 7~10 days for 3~4 times to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Usually the host range is very wide, one or two-year-old herbaceous flowers(succulent plastic pots), such as cineraria, aster, cockscomb, calceolaria, bunch of red, dianthus, etc.; bulbous flowers, such as gloxinia, lily, gladiolus, luanwei, bulbous autumn sea ticket Wait. Increase the application of organic fertilizer(small plastic plant pots bulk), phosphorus and potassium, and appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer to make the plants grow stronger and improve disease resistance.(cheap propagation tray suppliers trinidad and tobago)

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