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Here to remind the vegetable farmers to pay attention, do not close to the vegetable stalk when covering the mulch(bulk 15 gallon pots). It is recommended that you do not use a blade to cut the mulch film, but use your fingers to lick the mulch film to ensure that the mouth is large and will not be closed. Generally, it is suitable for a diameter of 5-8 cm. In the high temperature stage, the two sides of the mulch film are rolled up to prevent the ground temperature from being high(plug trays wholesale). When the temperature drops, the mulch film is opened again, and the adjacent two mulch films are sandwiched by the grafting clip so that the mulch does not contact the stalk.

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(cheap propagation tray wholesale supplier ontreal)The root respiration of vegetables is blocked, resulting in poor root development(bulk 20 gallon pots). In fact, it is best to use the steel wire or bamboo raft to support the mulch. Every 50 cm, cover the mulch from the south to the north. This can achieve watering under the membrane, which improves the permeability of the soil and makes it wet. Gas is difficult to volatilize outside, reducing the humidity in the shed(plastic nursery pots wholesale); and the operation line is best to cover the crop straw, which not only improves the ground temperature, but also regulates the humidity inside the shed.

For example, after the autumn cucumber is planted(injection molded nursery pots), if the mulch film is covered immediately, on the one hand, the mulch is too high, and the root is prone to suffocation; on the other hand, after the mulch film is formed, a moist environment is formed in the surface layer, which is not conducive to root growth and may cause When the seedlings fail, it is difficult to cultivate strong seedlings and strong trees. Therefore, it is recommended to cover the mulch film according to the specific weather conditions. Generally(black plastic nursery pots), the mulch film is covered after 15 days of planting, which is beneficial to the rooting of the seedlings and the cultivation of strong trees.

(cheap propagation tray wholesale supplier ontreal)Some vegetable growers only cover the operation of the shed, while the planting rows do not cover the mulch(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In greenhouse vegetable production, the most important role of plastic film mulching is to reduce the humidity in the shed and reduce the occurrence of diseases. However, the practice of covering the mulch film and not covering the planting line is unfavorable for reducing the humidity in the shed(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), because when the vegetable is watered, the planting line does not cover the mulch film, which does not have much effect on reducing the humidity of the air, and can not play the effect of heat preservation.

When the colonization hole is exposed, the hot air vaporized under the membrane is flushed out from the hole(blow molded nursery pots). The temperature of the vaporized hot air, especially in the case of high temperature at noon on a sunny day, often burns the seedlings or makes the leaves and roots of the vegetables. Or heat damage at the base of the stem can not only cause damage to the plant, but also easily infect pathogenic bacteria, causing diseases such as stem-based rot(plastic nursery pots), which may result in lack of seedlings and ridges or affect the normal growth of the plant, and severe cases may lead to reduced yield.(cheap propagation tray wholesale supplier ontreal)

When the weather is fine and hot, the leaves of the plant contact the mulch(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). At this time, the temperature of the mulch film is high, and it is easy to burn the leaves. This problem occurs more when the black mulch is covered. Precautionary measures: When the vegetable film is finished, it can be pressed on the mulch with fine soil to seal the planting hole to prevent the hot air in the film from burning the vegetables(wholesale nursery pots). At the same time, pay attention to the weather in time, in case of high temperature and glare weather, cover the sunshade net in time to prevent the temperature in the shed from being too high.

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