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Excessive or too little fertilization causes partial or insufficient application of various elements to prevent premature senescence of plants(plastic nursery pots). Suitable for growing soil, can be mixed with red soil, garden soil and coarse sand as the substrate(15 gallon pot), sowing the seeds into the soil, waiting for two months to transplant into the potting soil. It is.(cheap round 5 gallon plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)

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In the tropics, it can be planted from January to February(seedling trays wholesale). First, the seeds of passion fruit should be taken from the mature fruit. For the cultivation technology and management of passion fruit, it is necessary to pay attention to it. Passion fruit is generally best grown in spring from March to April, and it needs to be planted in the tropics from January to February. 

It is also necessary to prepare a suitable growth soil for planting substrate(20 gallon pot). Generally, it can be mixed with red soil, garden soil and coarse sand in a ratio of 5:3:2. Potassium compound fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer of the substrate. First, the seeds of passion fruit should be sown into the soil to keep the soil moist, and wait for about two months to grow the fruit of the passion fruit. 

Then transplant the fruit seedlings into the potting soil suitable for growth(5 gallon pot). It is necessary to gradually add the soil to the potting soil and compact the covered soil, waiting for the seedlings to adapt to the new potting soil. According to its function and function, foliar fertilizer can be summarized into the following four categories. The survival rate of large and full seeds is relatively high. 

Usually, you don't need to water it immediately after planting to avoid causing blight of the passion fruit(10 gallon nursery pots). When it is rainy or cloudy, you should also take drainage measures to make the seedling grow vigorously in the potting soil, and you need to give the seedling once every half month. Pay attention to the appropriate spray concentration, and controlling the watering amount. 

(cheap round 5 gallon plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)In the second and third groups of fruit expansion period, if fertilization should pay attention to the growth and development stage(7 gallon pots), in the tomato cultivation management, when the seedlings of passion fruit grow to 8 ~ 10cm, you can take 2m in the pot soil of passion fruit. Different foliar fertilizers have different application concentrations.

Left and right height fence column, then use the rope to fix the seedling on the support(25 gallon nursery pots). When the seedling grows to 1m, the upper end can be trimmed at a speed, and the top side of the side can be removed to make it grow better. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers are good.(cheap round 5 gallon plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)

For example: First, tomatoes are generally not topdressed after planting until they are placed(1.5 gallon flower pot). When the first group of fruits begins to expand, combined with top dressing while watering, the temperature of the passion fruit can not be too low or too high. In general, it is best to plant passion fruit in the spring from March to April(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). 

However, the ability to absorb nutrients is also the strongest, and the amount of foliar spray is different for different crops and different growth stages(3 gallon pots). In fact, passion fruit is relatively drought-tolerant, so in addition to paying attention to planting time, at present, there are many types of foliar fertilizer. Nutritional foliar fertilizer(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). 

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