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According to the growth of the plant, 3~5 main branches that grow sturdy and well-distributed near the base are generally selected(square grow pots). Other over-dense, fragile and elongated branches are cut off from the base together, and then the main branches and lateral branches Short cut(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). After plastic surgery, if there are clusters of sprouting at the base or middle of the trunk, wipe off the buds in time, called suppressed cultivation.

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Each side branch only leaves strong side buds, which makes the whole plant branches evenly and compactly distributed, and the plant shape is plump and short(plug trays wholesale). From late August to early September, a comprehensive pruning of plants should be combined with changing pots(black plastic plant pots). When flowers enter the dormant period, all physiological activities will slow down or even stop temporarily, so that the flowers bloom at regular intervals.

(cheap round plastic plant pots factory canada)Dormancy is a continuation of plant life activities and a special form of adaptation to unfavorable temperature and environment(gallon plant pot). There are two types of flower dormancy, one is the cessation of growth caused by environmental discomfort, and it is forced dormancy(nursery plant pots). One is the stagnation or cessation of growth in a certain period caused by the plant's own physiological characteristics, which is natural dormancy.

Some flowers need a period of low temperature stimulation before they can enter the reproductive growth stage, which is based on flowering and fruiting(gallon nursery pots). That is, the process of flowers through a low temperature stimulation and treatment is called vernalization(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). For the seedlings, dig out the root disk with a diameter of about 40 cm, divide the root disk into two for planting, and cut off the long branches and old branches from the base.

All osmanthus trees that have been pruned and reshaped should be strengthened with water and fertilizer management(plastic nursery pots wholesale). People use a variety of cultivation techniques to make flowers in addition to the natural flowering period, according to people's wishes, to make the flowering period earlier than the natural flowering period, called forcing cultivation(128 cell seedling trays wholesale); to delay the flowering period than the natural flowering period.(cheap round plastic plant pots factory canada)

Heating can make most temperature-loving flowers bloom earlier(propagation tray). For example, carnations maintained in a greenhouse can bloom throughout the year and supply the fresh cut flower market; in a greenhouse with a temperature of 18-25°C in winter, peony can bloom in 70-75 days, and rhododendron can bloom in 40 days(200 cell seed starting trays). In addition, under certain conditions, heating treatment has a wake-up dormancy effect on some flowers.

(cheap round plastic plant pots factory canada)There are four main ways to control the flowering period, namely temperature treatment, light treatment, pharmaceutical treatment and cultivation management measures(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). If the temperature drops in autumn, it cannot continue to bloom. At this time, move it into a greenhouse above 25°C to continue to bloom and prolong the flowering period(162 cell seed starting trays). For example, jasmine can only bloom at a temperature above 25°C.

For top-heavy, over-grown trees, the upper branches must be shrunk by about 1/4 every year(flat plastic tray). As long as the temperature is well controlled, the number of days it takes for flowers to enter the greenhouse to bloom can be calculated or estimated, so that they can be moved into the greenhouse in stages for heating as needed(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Heating is beneficial to prolong the flowering period of some temperature-loving flowers.

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