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Cheap Seed Cell Trays Wholesale Price Italy

There are many varieties of orchids, and lipstick is one of them, because of its shape(40 cell trays bulk). In fact, lipstick spider orchid can also be raised at home, then what is the breeding method of lipstick spider orchid? Lipstick spider orchid, also known as flower vine grass, lipstick flower, is a perennial evergreen herbaceous flower of the genus. Leaves ovate opposite, slightly fleshy(plug trays wholesale). The inflorescence is more axillary or terminal, the shape resembles a lipstick, and the flower is tubular, much like a tubular shell of lipstick, so it is called "lipstick".

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(cheap seed cell trays wholesale price italy)The flower is native to Indonesia and the tropical regions of eastern India, and its nature is warm and brightly lit in a semi-negative environment(48 cell trays bulk). Leaves opposite, fleshy, bright and green. The branches are angular and elongated, and are half-grape. The top of the branches blooms, the flowers are pink to red, the center is yellowish, and the shape is like chrysanthemum. The petals are narrow and shiny, and they are open from spring to autumn, and the stamens are mostly(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Ovary lower position, no style, stigma 4. Capsule fleshy, star-shaped cracked 4 petals, most seeds.

Suitable for soil: The soil of the lipstick is mainly loose and fertile sandy loam, and the drainage is good(51 cell trays bulk). Potted soil is preferably slightly acidic, and can be cultivated in pots made of peat soil, sand and vermiculite, and an appropriate amount of superphosphate is added. Illumination: Hi-semi-negative environment, except for the strong light at midday in the summer, it should be properly shielded, and sufficient light should be given at other times, especially in winter(seed starter trays). If the light is too strong or insufficient, the blade will easily turn pale green or yellowish green.(cheap seed cell trays wholesale price italy)

Temperature: The lipstick should be placed in a cool(104 cell trays bulk), ventilated place, and be careful to maintain ambient humidity. Avoid continuous high temperature and humidity, drainage, poor ventilation will cause decay. The lipstick is not cold-resistant and needs to enter the room for winter in winter. Watering frequency: The potting soil should be kept in a humid state frequently, and water in the basin should not be avoided to avoid root rot. From March to September, the amount of water required for growth is high. Watering and spraying should be carried out frequently to increase the humidity(plastic nursery pots). The weather in the autumn is gradually cold. It is necessary to gradually reduce the amount of watering and the amount of fertilizer applied. The soil in winter should be slightly dry.

(cheap seed cell trays wholesale price italy)Trimming Tips: When growing vigorously, you can properly pick the heart and promote branching(72 cell seed starting trays). After the winter flowering period, the residual stems of the flowers should be cut off in time to save nutrients and promote new branches to make more buds bloom. Prevention and control of pests and diseases: The plants are strong and not prone to pests and diseases. However, if the basins contain water and the ventilation is poor(plastic nursery pots wholesale), in addition to the rotten roots, root rot may occur. At the time of onset, the diseased plant can be sprayed or watered with 40% root sulphate 1000 times solution, or 80% of 402 emulsifiable concentrate 1500 times solution.

Lipstick spider orchid, have you seen it(128 cell seedling start trays)? The culture method of lipstick spider plant is as follows: The soil of the lipstick plant is preferably loose and fertile sandy loam, and the drainage is good. In the year, except for the strong light at noon in the summer, it should be properly shielded. At other times, sufficient light should be given, especially in winter. If you like to plant some small green plants or fleshy, will you pick a few pots or dozens of pots in your favorite small flower pots(black plastic nursery pots)? A good flower pot will set off the green plants in the pots. To the finishing touch.(cheap seed cell trays wholesale price italy)

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