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Cheap Seed Sprouting Tray Wholesale Singapore

At the same time, Beijing Xiaoju bonsai has completed three aspects of transformation: from landscape materials to main scenery(succulent propagation tray). At present, in addition to the influence of local natural conditions and culture, bold and unconstrained, it is also influenced by Lingnan School in the South and Shanghai school and Su school in the north(6 cell trays bulk). There are many tree materials in Zhejiang Province, mainly from the local area.

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Its modeling method absorbs the advantages of different schools in the north and the south(plastic plant pot suppliers), adopts the combination of metal wire climbing and careful pruning, and forms a unique "Zhejiang School" style with the main characteristics of natural, bright and straight. Other tree species are elm, Bromus, bayberry, etc(8 cell trays bulk). The theme of bonsai reflects the characteristics of Chu culture, such as the picture of Quzi looking north and Ode to orange.

(cheap seed sprouting tray wholesale singapore)The main feature of its modeling is to adopt the method of rough binding and fine cutting(soil block propagation trays), so that the branches and leaves form many small pieces, and the small pieces form large pieces, and the shallow basin soil planting is used to highlight the beauty of the tree roots. Jinling bonsai has gradually emerged(128 cell plug flats). In addition to the above art schools, there are many areas of bonsai trees have formed or are forming a unique local style.

Bonsai art is formed under the influence of long-standing traditional culture and beautiful natural landscape, coupled with rich resources(plastic plant pots manufacturers). In recent years, it has taken the advantages of various schools, made great efforts to innovate, developed rapidly, and has formed a local style with Hubei characteristics(12 cell trays bulk). There are many kinds of bonsai trees, such as Machilus, Euonymus japonicus, Lycium parvifolium, Pyracantha fortunei, Ilex glauca, Canary, wax and so on.(cheap seed sprouting tray wholesale singapore)

In terms of modeling techniques(best microgreen trays), the combination of "cloud type" and "natural style" is adopted, and the combination of palm silk and metal wire climbing and natural pruning is adopted. The bonsai of trees in Nanjing, also known as "Jinling bonsai", draws lessons from the traditional style of "Jinling painting school"(deep propagation trays), and properly absorbs some modeling skills of Su and Yang schools, as well as the local characteristics of Nanjing. 

(cheap seed sprouting tray wholesale singapore)At present, it is gradually forming a natural, beautiful and novel artistic style(plastic nursery pots suppliers). Give full play to the active role of subject imagination and emotion in the creation of bonsai, integrate the natural attributes of the scenery with people's thoughts and feelings, and use artistic techniques such as lyric, freehand brushwork, personification, symbol, deformation and exaggeration to create a perfect artistic image(11.43cm square grow pots). The work has the characteristics of "strange and simple, natural and fresh".

Transformation from perennial herb to tree cultivation(lavender plug trays wholesale). In the selection of materials, local characteristics are highlighted, with local rich species such as strange willow, Vitex negundo and pomegranate as the main species. Starting from the local natural conditions, it adopts the method of cultivation as the main method(lavender plug trays), climbing and pruning as the auxiliary method for tree modeling, with the main characteristics of nature, simple and clumsy.(cheap seed sprouting tray wholesale singapore)

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