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Long-lived flowers have many blossoms, rich and gorgeous colors(wholesale nursery pots). It is suitable for potted cultivation of flowering plants. This pot of longevity flowers has been kept for about a year, and the transplantation is maintained and managed in an outdoor environment. Long-lived flowers can grow normally as long as the temperature is below 30 C(36 cell trays bulk). So, how to maintain potted longevity flowers in autumn? Two weeks ago, small potted longevity flowers with yellow leaves were pruned.

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(cheap seed starter planter wholesale suppliers sa)Because Xiaobian is located in a cool climate in recent months(plastic nursery pots), and because it was often topped and pruned before, longevity flowers have many lateral buds. If time goes by, many flowers will certainly come out. If it is pruned at this time, it will inevitably affect its normal flowering. Because the flower bud differentiation period is coming, originality should be provided with sufficient light at this time(40 cell trays bulk), and the time of receiving light should be kept at 4-6 hours per day.

Because longevity flower itself is also a short-day plant(plastic nursery pots wholesale), it is enough to provide 4-6 hours of sunshine per day during flower bud differentiation. But at this time, the water must be mastered. Generally, when the pot soil is half dry, we can water it directly, so that it can not be in a state of water shortage at the stage of flower bud differentiation(40 cell tray in bulk). Otherwise, the plant will wilt ahead of time as soon as it sprouts, and even inhibit the emergence of flower buds.(cheap seed starter planter wholesale suppliers sa)

And this stage is also when the long-lived peanuts grow branches and leaves(black plastic nursery pots), usually the branches and leaves are kept growing synchronously. Therefore, at this time, we also need to apply some multi-element fertilizers to supplement nutrients to ensure that branches and leaves grow vigorously while also promoting the development and differentiation of flower buds. After October in autumn, in order to promote flowering, we need to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer instead(51 cell trays bulk). The natural flowering period of longevity flower is usually from November to May of the next year, which shows that its flowering period is very long.

For example, potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, topdressing 2-3 times a month, can be irrigated roots(plug trays wholesale), can also be sprayed foliar fertilizer, which can well promote the flower bud differentiation of longevity flowers. Additionally, the potted longevity flowers were shaded at other times with 4-6 hours of short sunshine per day. About a month or so, we can see potted longevity plants covered with buds(104 cell trays bulk). At that time, we will be able to see the style of potted longevity flowers when they blossom.

(cheap seed starter planter wholesale suppliers sa)Because the plant type of longevity flower is not very large(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), so don't choose too large pot for it, because if the pot is larger, it will lead to the plant roots in the wanton soil disorderly growth. Most of the nutrients in the soil are always rooted, and the nutrients of leaves and flowers are relatively less, affecting the growth of longevity flowers and the blooming of petals(72 cell seed starting trays); the next step is to prune them properly and appropriately.

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