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Rotation with different tree species can make full use of land and can be used when there are many kinds of seedlings(plastic plant pots bulk). There are three main rotation methods. In order to prevent rust, do not rotate Larch with poplar or birch; do not rotate spruce with Prunus; do not rotate Gebai with pepper, apple or pear(nursery tray manufacturers). In the rotation of tree species, attention should be paid not to select the tree species with common diseases and insect pests for rotation.

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In order to achieve a reasonable rotation among tree species(long life propagation trays), it is necessary to understand the different requirements of various seedlings for soil filling water and nutrients, the types of diseases and insect pests that are easily infected by various seedlings, the size of resistance, and the mutual benefits and adverse effects of tree species(110mm plastic grow pots). At present, the crops used for rotation are mainly beans, followed by wheat, sorghum, corn, rice, etc.(cheap seed starter tray manufacturers colombia)

Rotation is best between legume and non legume species(72 cell plug trays), deep root and shallow root species, fertilizer loving and pain tolerant species, conifer and broad-leaved trees, trees and shrubs, so the effect of rotation is more obvious. The rotation of seedling countries should be arranged reasonably according to the tasks of seedling cultivation(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the biological characteristics of tree species and crops, and the relationship between them and the soil.

(cheap seed starter tray manufacturers colombia)The rotation among species should be arranged reasonably according to the seedling raising task and biological characteristics, instead of inserting unnecessary species into the rotation(planting trays wholesale). Rotation of tree species commonly used in China includes rotation of Pinus tabulaeformis and chestnut, poplar, crape myrtle and purple locust(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). The seedlings grow well with few diseases and insect pests, which are also good forages.

Because there are a lot of roots left in the soil after harvest(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots), which increases the organic matter of the soil, so the rotation of seedlings and crops can not only increase the income of grain, but also play a role in compensating the large amount of nutrient elements consumed in the soil when the seedlings start(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, do not choose such crops and seedlings rotation, or directly intercropping or interplanting.(cheap seed starter tray manufacturers colombia)

It is worth noting that the rotation of seedlings and crops must prevent diseases and insect pests(plastic hanging baskets wholesale), such as planting vegetables or horse bells in the nursery, which are easy to infect, reduce diseases and attract pests. It can be seen from the effect of the above rotation system that the rotation system is very favorable for improving the soil and the growth environment of the seedlings(12cm plastic grow pots), which is the most feasible method in China at present.

(cheap seed starter tray manufacturers colombia)Rotation period refers to the period of time required for all plots to get the same body free time on the seedling ground of rotation(plastic flower pots bulk). At present, many green fertilizer plants are used in production, such as Astragalus, Shouyu, Tianshan, Caohu, clover and gooseneck(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). According to the specific situation, different regions should formulate the suitable seedling rotation system according to the actual situation of the region.

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